day 42
intercourse, pennsylvania

"Hey! There's an Amish guy in a truck!" -k.
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Nickname: Keystone State
Land Area: 44,820 sq. mi.
Highest Pt.: Mount Davis
Height: 3,213 ft.
Population: 12,044,2000
Capital: Harrisburg
Largest City: Philadelphia

Claim to Fame: Home of the Amish, source of 42% of funny man David Letterman's Top Ten Lists.

Patriotic House of the Day
Looking for a good Amish flick?
Head to your local Blockbuster and rent the movie Witness.

Plot: An Amish kid witnesses a murder! Hunky Harrison Ford has to become an undercover Amish to solve the crime. Or something. I've never seen it, but Kev's dad says it's good.

Dutch Ain't Much

Oct 7 - Are you Amish? Probably not, since you're reading this online. Do you know someone who is Amish? Because I'm confused as a bee in a crayon factory about the rules you crazy hat-wearing, carriage-driving, beard-growing, organic-farming folks have to follow. What's the deal? I've got some questions that need to be answered and I'm hoping someone can help us out.

Oh, and I'm sorry about the drawing on the right. For some reason, those crazy Amish don't show up on film...

Amish Questions that need Amish Answers:

Do they get mail? If so, is it dropped off by a normal postal carrier or by another member of the Amish community? Pony Express?
Do they pay taxes? If so, does that mean they recognize the current government? If they recognize the government, how many laws of the state do they follow?
Do their horses and carriages stop at traffic lights? Does this mean they recognize the electrical lights? Or do they only obey standard posted signs?
Do they get the newspaper delivered? Would this be their main source of information? Do they skip the Circuit Section in the Times?
What if someone modifies the recipe for apple pie? Is that considered an advancement?
What do their children learn in history class? Does their history start where they stopped? Do the last 300 years just kind of blur together?
What music do the teenagers listen to? Is new music considered "progress"? If someone's caught humming N'Sync, are they punished?
What percentage go out into the real world? Are they considered spies, or outcasts, or somehow tainted by technology?
Are they patriotic? If so, in what way?
Do they know who David Letterman is?

Oh, if you're wondering about the photos below, we met a lovely lady named Rosemary Brown outside the Ball Park Restaurant and we followed her to the apple orchard. She loves Canadians and she loves apples. Rosemary tried to convince us that we could eat two bushels of apples on the road. It took some convincing that two bushels wouldn't fit in the back of the Jeep.

apples to apples...

Following Rosemary

Still Following Rosemary

The Seconds are Best

The Lady Herself
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Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Intercourse, PA

Next Stop: Punxsutawney

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Today's Weather:

Daily Stats
Gas: $17.00
Carriages: 5
Amish Men: 7
Amish Women: 5
Amish Kids: 3

Sleeping Quarters
Black Moshannon State Park

Site 10. We broke the chill barrier on our sleeping bags. In other words, we froze our asses off.

Cost: $14.00

Ball Park Restaurant
Eastern Pennsylvania
K's Order:3 Blueberry Hotcakes
A's Order:Western Omelette
W. Pennsylvania
Shared:Dry Lucky Charms
Black Moshannon
Both:Hot Chocolate

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