day 85
off the florida keys

"You'll either think sailing is horribly boring, or you'll want to put a second mortgage on your house and get one of your own." -j.
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Latin Girl:
Named After: Vilma
Make: Morgan
Length: 41'
Bigger than: Our apartment

Line of the Day
Pickup Line of the Day:
Yeah, Baby.
This is my yacht.
It's rare that you meet someone who's personality is so well defined that within a day you can classify their statements. We proudly present three Jeffisms for your enjoyment. There are many more, but we thought we'd feed them to you slowly.

Jeffism #1
I never drink anything stronger than pop. Of course, Pop'll drink just about anything.

Jeffism #2
All the nuts roll down to Florida. And the really heavy nuts roll down to the Keys.

Jeffism #3
The way you boyscout-proof a boat is you go around with a hammer and hit everything. If something breaks, it's not boyscout-proof and you've gotta replace it.

The Wearable Jeffism

Pirates of the Caribbean
Nov 19 - We're going sailing! We're going sailing!

Back when we went to the Hamptons for Labour Day, all Kev really wanted was to meet someone cool enough to own a sailboat so they could take us sailing. This may have been a selfish, sneaky desire, but it was pretty much all he wanted. We all know by now that it didn't happen.

Aim's artsy shots taken from the bow of Latin Girl. She took them so that people thought she was doing work, but she was really just laying around.
You can imagine his delight when we met a couple that we got along with even before we realized they had a sailboat. A big one. And they wanted to take us sailing!


If we hadn't had this whole sailing day planned out, I'm pretty sure we would have left the Keys a couple of days earlier. And that would have been a crying shame. Sad enough for Jimmy Buffett to write about it:

It was a sorry sight when I saw them leave,
They don't know where their hearts belong,
It was enough to make me cry upon my sleave,
And all I could say was, so long, so long...

But we didn't leave, Jimmy. And that meant we had a full day of exciting sailing with our new friends planned. And not only that. They were taking us snorkeling too! And not only that. We'd be able to do some fishing while we're sailing along! And not only that. To save a bit of cash, we can sleep on their boat after sailing!

Holy Frickin' Frack! This is the biggest jackpot of niceness we've fallen into since the last time we went to a Canadian McDonalds.

It was an amazing day of sailing - a first for either of us. I mean, we've never sailed before. Not that we've only had crummy sailing experiences. Thanks to the nicest people in the world, we fished, we snorkeled, we sailed and we slept. After having such a good time, we've pledged to send the rest of Canada down to the Keys to take a sail with Jeff and Vilma.

Drop them a line (just watch out for the boom) and get to know them!

motley crew...

Captain Jeff

First Mate Vilma

Swab Kev

Swab Aim
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Altantic Ocean, FL

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Nautical Miles:42mi
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Sleeping Quarters
Latin Girl

Best night's sleep since we got to Florida. The Latin Girl has all the comforts of home, and you get gently rocked to sleep.

Cracked Egg
Big Pine Key
K's Order:Blueberry Pancakes, Eggs, Bacon
A's Order:Biscuits n' Gravy

Latin Girl
Atlantic Ocean
Shared:Pecan Pie

Jeff & Vilma's House
Summerland Key
All:Steak, Corn on the Cob, Salad

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