morning 153
truth or consequences, new mexico

"Well, I don't know what precarious means, but it sure was scary!" -Eloi.
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You Want The Truth?
Ralph Edwards, host of the popular 1940s radio program "Truth or Consequences", was looking for a way to celebrate the show's 10th anniversary.

An idea offered by Ed Simons of the show's staff was to find a town in America which would be willing to change its name. In return, the program's producers would fly a group of national pressmen to cover the name change, and he would broadcast the 10th anniversary show from the city.

They received letters of interest from several U.S. cities, the most interesting coming from Hot Springs, NM. The show's producer went to Hot Springs to interview townspeople, city officials and even the state senator.

The name change was put to a formal vote, putting the final decision in the hands of the townspeople. The town voted 1294 to 295 in favour, and thus, Hot Springs became Truth or Consequenses.

Deal of the Day
What's in a name?
Truth or Consequences, NM is not the only place in the world with a silly name and a good story.

Back in the Mulroney years (a time us Canadians would like to forget), the Prime Minister was making tax hikes left and right, as well as cutting funding from just about everywhere but his own salary. It was a dark time, living under the wing of tyranny.

In one of his speeches, he announced that "only if you are in dire straits can we afford to help you with government funds." Within a few months, a town in Newfoundland changed its name to Dire Straits.

Sadly, they still didn't get any funding.

Facing The Consequenses
Jan 26, early - It was a morning like any other morning. Except this morning was different.

We awoke to a beautiful sunny day. We yawned, we stretched. As Aimee started to roll the sleeping bags, I skipped to the car, flinging flower petals in my wake. Today was going to be a day to remember.

I stooped to pick up a Kleenex that had fallen next to Mel in the middle of the night, doing my part to make the world a cleaner place. That's when I noticed...

...Mel had a flat tire!

"Aimee, guess what?" I asked. It was as though she could read my mind. "Oh no, we've got a flat?" How could she have known from way over there? She was easily 30 feet away, but it was like she knew. I began to suspect foul play.

But, why? Why would Aimee deliberately injure Mel? After all, Mel was one of our family. It was because of him that we'd been able to explore 44 of the 48 states. It was because of him that we had been able to see everything we wanted to see. He was the key to our whole operation!

Eloi, Eloi, thank you for not forsaking us.
Could it be that she sensed that I loved Mel more than I loved her? The thought was preposterous. After all, she was a beautiful woman, and Mel, well, Mel was a '92 Jeep Cherokee Sport.

Things just didn't add up.

This was ridiculous. Aimee, deliberately hurting Mel? In a jealous rage? A vicious love triangle between me, the woman I love, and the car I love? It couldn't be. There had to be another answer.

That's it! The Kleenex! No, wait, the Kleenex doesn't explain anything.

My brain swarmed with possibilities. Surely Aimee knew that Mel was a car, and not a human being. I could never love Mel the same way I love her. Or could I... no, that's just gross. Besides, Mel is a boy car. That would make me some kind of a Car... Mo... Sexual? Or something. Whatever it was, I'm sure the Bible says it's bad. Surely Aimee could understand that. Surely?

"Maybe it was that 45 mile stretch of gravel washboard road we drove on yesterday?" offered Aimee. That sneaky, evil liar. She's just trying to shed herself of the blame. She's trying to chalk it up to circumstance, trying to make Mel sound weak, so I'll look better in her eyes. Big, strong, broad-shouldered Mel, harmed by a little gravel? Never. Not my Mel.

For now, I'll play along with her little game. But just you wait. The day will come when my Mel and I shall be together. It will just take patience. Patience and time.

Oh, you'll pay for this, Aimee. One day... you'll pay.

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