night 34
lambertville, nj

"#12 belonged to a big fat guy that used to come in here."
- Jack, bartender at Mason's
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Mason's Bar:
The Story: A bar like any other bar? Maybe on the outside. Actually, maybe on the inside too, if it weren't for one wall.

As you head towards the pool table, you glance at the wall overhead to see a series of what look like canes, sticks, twigs or strings. They're all a sort of browny-tan colour. Each one is labeled with a number, with the key tacked off to one side.

Claim to Fame: They're penis bones. Mason's Bar, featured in the publication Weird N.J., is famous for the owner's collection of "animal shafts", proudly displayed for all patrons to see.

He's got horse penises, mouse penises, dog penises, cat penises... fifteen different types of penis bones. Postcards were available for $3.00. Take the fun home with you!

Mason's Bar is located at:
54 N. Franklin Street
Lambertville, NJ

If you can't find Franklin, don't ask the guys at the Exxon. They're from New Hope.

We Have Seen Evil, And Its Name Is Lambertville
Sept 29, Later - While chillin' at Mason's Bar, reading a copy of Weird N.J., we stumbled across another Lambertville entry: the Haunted Old High School at the Top of the Hill. Sounded creepy enough for us.

You know, any town can be creepy if you know a part of it is haunted. We drove up and down streets, not knowing the exact location of the school, but continually saying to each other, "this place is so creeeeepyyy." There was nothing necessarily weird compared to any other small town, we just knew there was something haunted nearby.

It's fun to psyche yourself out though. We kept driving up to patches of thick trees, and Aimee would say, "oooh, I'll bet it's in there, that's so scary", and I'd say, "No way, there would have to be a road in somewhere, wouldn't there?" and she'd say, "okay, but if the school's not in there, then something haunted is definitely in there because those trees are scary..."

The school, which we eventually found the next day, was totally creepy, even in broad daylight. It burned down in 1955, and since then has been smashed to hell by rowdy irreverant teenagers, probably because a heavy metal song told them to. But if you've ever played Silent Hill for Playstation, you know how creepy an old burned down school can be. The freakiest part: on the old chalkboards there are chalk drawings of children, some smiling with friends, others screaming and running as the flames engulf the school. I could freak you out by saying "Nobody knows how they got there", but I don't really know if that's true. For all I know it was probably one of those rowdies.

There's a ghost story too, nothing to do with the fire. Keep your head on straight, because here comes...

The Local Legend of Buckeye
It was the championship game between Lambertville and New Hope, a rival school from across the river. An intense match was underway, both teams with a chance at victory, neither backing down. The crowd was in a frenzy.

In a routine play, an offensive linesman from the New Hope Buckeyes was tackled to the ground. As the Lambertville defense got off of him, they realized that he wasn't getting up. His neck was broken, his head turned completely around backwards. He was dead.

From this tragic incident, the parents of New Hope voted that football was too dangerous of a sport for high schools, and removed it from the school's extra-curicular activities. To this day, New Hope does not have a football team.

Many years later, following the fire, the football field was still a popular hangout for the local kids. It was good place for a rumble, or just to sneak a few beers.

One night, five kids were spending an evening at the football field, when one of them starts to tell the rest about Buckeye. His grandfather had gone to this school, and was at the game where Buckeye's neck was broken. Most of the locals had suppressed the story, but his grandpa had given him the scoop. He also said that Buckeye's ghost still haunts the football field.

One of the kids laughed at the story. He stood up and shouted, "I challenge Buckeye to a race!"

A cold wind arose. Across the football field, a pair of glowing red eyes appeared. They heard a voice say, "Run to the other end of the field or die!" One of them tried to run away but collapsed to the ground, paralyzed with fear. The other four ran with all their might to the other end of the football field. When they reached the end zone, only three of them were left. The eyes had vanished, the wind had died down, and all was still on the football field again. The three headed for home as fast as they could go.

The next day, the two others were found. They were still at the football field, dead, with their heads turned around backwards.

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Lambertville, NJ

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Lambertville Stats
Gas Stations:2
Brands:Exxon, Sunoco
Regular Gas:$1.34/gal
Staff:From New Hope

Mason's Bar
54 N. Franklin
K's Order:Coke
A's Order:Kahlua

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