night 83
various bars in key west

"Here's a song I wrote back when I was a young black man in South Carolina."
- Jared (white), the bar singer at Irish Kevin's.
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Key West Komics:
Capt Tony's: Black & Skabuddah
Irish Kevin's: Jared
Sloppy Joe's: Pete & Somebody
Schooner's: Mike McLeod

Claim to Fame:
Two Words: Jimmy Buffett.

Stay In School Poster Child of the Day
Aim & Kev & Jeff's Pub Crawl:
5:45 Sunset Festival
6:00 Escape Artist
6:20 Dog Act
6:25 Bored with Dog Act
6:45 Capt. Tony's
7:20 Met Captain Tony
7:55 The Bull
7:56 The Whistle
7:57 Garden Of Eden
8:10 Saw Margaritaville
8:15 Old Book Store
8:20 Irish Kevin's
9:15 Schooner's Wharf
10:30 Had to get Jeff back to his wife who worked two shifts that day.

The Wildlife, Part II
Nov 17, later - I'll take Captain Tony over Jimmy Buffett anyday. There's just something so funny about a horny old man (Tony, not Jimmy, although we've never met Jimmy).

When we attempted to get a shot of Captain Tony and Aimee, she was caught in a tight embrace and told to push her boobies up a bit (his words, not ours) for a better shot. You can see what we were dealing with here.

Nevertheless, we were informed by Jeff that meeting Captain Tony was an honour indeed. We were suitably humbled in the presence of a master bar owner.

Twenty minutes later, after we had all (with the exception of Kevin) proven our lack of skill at pool, we moved on to bar #2: Irish Kevin's. Another bar, another drink. Another six bucks sucked down the tourist toilet of Key West. At Irish Kevin's we truly got a sense of what the Key's are all about: singing tunes about leaving law school to sing in a bar, and harassing Swedish tourists as they walk by the open doors.

And what could top that? Why, the clothing-optional bar, of course! The Garden of Eden, where you never know who might be naked. Maybe the bartender, maybe the patrons. But one thing is for certain: there's a big sign behind the bar that states the one major rule of the establishment... No Sex On Premises.

Ah, you just gotta love the Keys!

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Most Scenic

The Shrine

Funniest Act

Best Conch Fritters
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Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Key West
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Tonight's Weather:
Flash Flood at Irish Kevin's

Nightly Stats

Capt. Tony's
K, A, & J:Pirate Punch
Irish Kevin's
Aimee:Rum Runner
Jeff:Captain & Coke
Aimee:Rum Runner
Jeff:Captain & Coke
Shared:Conch Fritters, Wings

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