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who shot jfk?

Part II : What Really Happened
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Second Gunman:
Location: Grassy Knoll
Another Location: 500 Elm
Shots Fired: 4 to 6
Best Witness: Zapruder

Little Known Fact: When Oswald was brought into custody, he had no traces of gunpowder on his hands or clothes.

The Conspirators

Everyone knew that JFK was hated by the Mafia and the Teamsters Union...

His radical ideas were frowned upon by the FBI and the CIA...

Some people think the conspiracy may have even gone as high as Castro, or even his own VP Johnson.
Our Source:
Don J. Miller has been studying the events surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy for 38 years, and has been educating people in the Dallas downtown area for nine years.

He has spoken with dozens of witnesses to the event, including Jean Hill (the woman in the red coat), Bobby Hargas (the police officer on the motorcycle following the motorcade) and Clint Hill (the agent who reacted first once the President was shot).

The People vs. John Kennedy
Dec 15 - A conspiracy. The Mafia, the CIA, the FBI, the Russians, the Dallas underworld, the Cubans, Johnson, your next door neighbour who looks like Hitler. It's a puzzle so complex that even if the actual gunmen admitted to the assassination, they would not be believed. So how do we try to sort this out?

First of all, the facts.

Fact #1: There was a second gunman.
If you watch the Zapruder film, you can see with your own eyes that the head shot did not come from behind Kennedy. You don't need to fabricate a theory about a bullet that can do ninety-degree turns in mid-air when it's clear that he was hit from the front.

Fact #2: Oswald was not innocent.
Anyone who hung out with Jack Ruby and had relations with the CIA and the FBI, while working in Russia for the US Military, was not innocent. The question is how much did he know? Did he know he was being framed and that's why he ran? Or was he just avoiding being questioned by the Dallas police?

Fact #3: Jack Ruby was not innocent.
Sure, we all saw him kill Oswald, but he sure didn't do it because he was full of rage about the assasination. Just days before the assasination, Oswald was seen having dinner with Ruby.

Fact #4: The Dallas Police Knew Oswald would be killed.
Every week, Ruby hosted a Dallas Police night at his club, allowing the officers to drink free and enjoy the female entertainment. They all knew who he was and you have to therefore assume that they would recognize him when he entered the restricted area where they were transporting Oswald. They also knew of Ruby's mafia ties. So knowing what they knew about Ruby, these seventy or so officers still allowed Ruby through to shoot Oswald.

Fact #5: Oswald had no shot.
To get technical, Oswald didn't have a good shot. He made have been able to pull off the first shot, but after that, he had trees in his way and the angle was all wrong. If he really was the lone assassin, then he would have taken the clear shots as Kennedy was coming towards him, not when he had to lean out the window to see the car. Trust me, I was there. I saw the view.

So now we know the facts. But the facts don't help us in this case. The facts may tell us that it wasn't just Oswald, but they don't tell us who it really was. Once we accept that a conspiracy did occur, we try to get to the bottom of it. And it's not easy. Many people had reasons for killing Kennedy.

Was it the Mafia who wanted Kennedy dead so that he would stop busting them throughout the country? Was it the Russians as retaliation for Cuba? Was it a group of Texans who weren't happy with desegregation? Or do you look to the group that has tried the hardest to cover up the conspiracy? That would be the United States Government.

Our Theory:
Oswald was involved in the planning of the assassination and had agreed to be the gunman. A month prior to the presidential visit, he got the job at the book depository to prepare. However, something happened that changed his mind right before the motorcade and he stayed away from the window, deciding instead to stay in the lunchroom while the motorcade was passing.

What he didn't know was that the conspirators had a back-up plan. When they realized he didn't take the shot, the second (or more) gunmen took the president out. What Oswald also didn't know was that information had been leaked to the press and Dallas police about him, so even though Oswald didn't make the shot, the Dallas police were still prepared to arrest him as the sole assassin, as was the original plan.

But that's just our theory.
What's yours?

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The Grassy Knoll

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