day 112
route 66 through oklahoma

"I'll get you some cofferette gum, how about that?" -k.
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Nickname: The Sooner State
Our Nickname: Sooner Left the Better
Land Area: 68,679 sq. mi.
Highest Point: Black Mesa
Height: 4,973 ft.
Population: 3,328,100
Capital: Oklahoma City
Former Capital: Guthrie
Largest City: Oklahoma City

Claim to Fame: Everywhere we went in Oklahoma was covered with piles of dirt. They're not anthills, and there's no hole for a groundhog or other small creature. Any idea what they are?   Email us!

Somewhere between the US Postal Service and Email, there's this.

Creeks of Oklahoma:
Cobb Creek
Beef Creek
Hog Creek
Delaware Creek
Dry Creek
Six Mile Creek
Shell Creek
Captain Creek
Bell Cow Creek
Big Deep ForK Creek
Spunky Creek
Big Cabin Creek
Dosie Creek
Sand Creek
Little Polecat Creek
Rock Creek
Pryor Creek
Bull Creek
Elm Creek
Russell Creek

Have you always wanted a yurt, but couldn't afford one on your salary?

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Somehow I always knew
my talents would bring
me here.

Get your McDick's
on Route 66

Dec 16 - Sometimes I try to picture myself back in the days of the Great Depression. The fields have all dried up, there's no water in the ol' swimmin' hole, and there ain't a durned thing left to do but go to California.

On the way, I reckon I might jest stop at a big city or two, just to sees it fur m'self, or maybe some o' the attractions along the way, like Meramec Caverns or the Blue Whale. But we all know what the families were really looking forward to...

That's right, cowpokes! The Largest McDonalds in the Free World!

Now enter the ding dang contest!
Think you know McDonalds?
Think again, Smartypants.

Betcha you're one of those guys who orders the same thing every time. You probably even know the combo number of the Big Mac meal. And you call yourself a McConnoisseur.

We've seen some of these new tastes on our travels. Others, we made up. Can you tell McReal from McFake?

Enter and win a Super Size Prize!

Put a checkmark next to the McSandwiches you think are real. If you think we made it up, leave it blank. Then give us your name and email. If you win, you may have to answer a skill testing question.
New York McReuben
The Big Cajun Creole
Cuban Sandwich
McLobster Rolls
Kentucky Brown
Beef'n Cheez McNachos
The Big Buffalo
Chili Cheese McDouble
Ranchero Bagel Meal
Gravy McDunk

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Route 66 in Oklahoma

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Where the rain comes right behind the rain

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Sleeping Quarters
Elk City S.P.

We knew it'd stop raining once we left Oklahoma. What we didn't realize is that we'd get battered with tornado-level winds for the whole night.

Cost: $10.50

Fort Cobb Lake S.P.
Both:Raisin Oatmeal
World's Largest McDonalds
Vinita, OK
Shared:20 Nuggets, Fries, Gigantor Bucket of Coke
Elk City S.P.
Shared:Leftover Jambalaya

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