day 138
the enchanted highway

"I keep on expecting to find a severed head
in the fridge." -a.
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New Salem's Sue:
Created: 1974
Cost: $40,000
Height: 38 feet
Length: 50 feet
Weight: 12,000 lbs

Why a giant cow? Salem Sue was created out of funds donated by dairymen, farmers, businessmen, the dairy industry, and area residents.

The New Salem High School athletic teams boast the name "Holsteins" as a tribute to the area's dairy industry.

New Salem is recognized as one of North Dakota's pre-eminent dairy centers.

In short, this town is so cow crazy that they built the World's Largest Cow and placed it on the highest hill in their land. Now that's active greatness.

Money Sucker of the Day

Not all parts of the prairie have been developed into tourist traps.

Fee Fi Fo Fakota: Part II
Jan 11 - It's happened. We've found ourselves in another state that's impossible to leave. It just so happens that this one doesn't have palm trees and white beaches. Instead, it's got tumbleweed, wide open prairies and one hell of a wind.

And mighty nice people. Thanks to a wonderful gal named Shirley (combined with the end of hunting season), this evening we find ourselves snuggling up in a hunting lodge in the tiny town of Regent, ND.

How did we get here? Why, we followed our hearts along the Enchanted Highway...

Tin Grasshoppers
Every farmer's worst nightmare.
Partridges made of Chicken Wire
I think there's a B-movie: Partridges Attack!
Teddy Roosevelt Rides Again
One hundred feet tall, a glory to behold.
World's Largest Tin Family
A disappointing end to a worthwhile trip.

not to be outdone...

Only found here!

World's largest!


It's Salem Sue!
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We've got mail...

We picked up your card at Walt Disney World back in early November on the ride Peter Pan's Flight. I thought it was neat to make a card up like this so I took it, stuck it in my pocket and then forgot about it. Well...........I just found it again and wanted to say good luck and have a great trip.
- The Matson Family, Colorado

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Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Regent, ND

Next Stop: Montana

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Today's Weather:
Beyond Windy

Daily Stats
Gas Stations:4
Big Things:15

Sleeping Quarters
Shirley's Lodge

We stopped off in Regent for a quick bite to eat and we never left! Shirley, the owner of the local cafe, invited us to make use of her hunting lodge for as long as we needed it. Lucky Us!

Fort Abraham Lincoln
K's Order:Apple Oatmeal
A's Order:Raisin Oatmeal
Shirley's Cafe
K's Order:Ham & Cheese Omelette
A's Order:BLT
Shirley's Lodge

Mom & Pop's
Road Stops

After driving through so many states at close to the speed of light, it's time for a little rest and relaxation in the resort town of Mazatlan.
We treated ourselves to
the same on Day 166.

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