day 14
cape cod, massachusetts

"Hey... Wha? AUGH! Oof!"
- Kev, to log.
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Cape Cod:
Summer Pop.: 18,000
Winter Pop.: 3,000
Largest Town: Provincetown
Visited: Yes
Oldest Lighthouse: Highland Light
Visited: No

Claim to Fame: The perfect place to chill out. Nearly 70% of the Cape is designated as a National Seashore.
Best Ways to Waste Your Day:
10. Get a wicked burn on the beach
9. Rent Dreamworks' "The Peacemaker"
8. Iron your sheets
7. Alphabatize your Archie Comics
6. The Home Shopping Network
5. Look for John Ritter Autographs on eBay
4. Write response letters to all your junk mail
3. Make a medival weapon of destruction
2. Make up crappy top 10 lists
1. Visit Nash Dino Tracks

Some Cape Cod Limericks We Wrote Today:
There once was a man from Nantasket,
Who lived his whole life in a basket.
He knew all there was,
And he knew it because,
When he had a question he'd ask it.

There once was a man from Pawtucket,
Who lived his whole life in a bucket.
When life got too hard,
He went out in the yard,
He'd pick up his pail and he'd chuck it.

There once was a man from Hyannis
Who had quite a thing for Alanis.
So when she would sing,
The man would go schwing,
And his pants would look full of bananas.

Sept 9 - Every now and then you need to take a break. That's a bit of advice our friend Danny Nawrocki gave us before we left on this trip. Well Danny, we dedicate this day to you. We've been going nonstop for two weeks now and we've suddenly found ourselves in the perfect location to do absolutely nothing.

That's right. We did nothing. Well, as nothing as we are capable of doing. Or not doing. So, if not nothing, then very little. Probably closer to next to nothing. That is what we did.

See that picture above? That's Kevin. He's doing nothing. Unless you consider staring at the sunset as doing something, then I suppose he is doing something. But not very much, and certainly not active. It's a passive something. Very passive. Almost inert.

Now, at this very moment, Aimee was in the act of holding the camera and pressing the shutter button, which also constitutes "doing" in a way, since I used verbs. Verbs other than "resting", "sitting", and "reclining" anyway.

Reading... is reading considered doing something? I would suppose it is, at least more so than watching television. It also depends on what your reading, or watching. If you were comparing reading, say, reading Archie's Double Digest and watching the Natioinal Geographic Channel, then the more active "doing" would have to be TV. Unless all you're watching it for is an occasional glimpse of tribal boobies.

So, sitting/lying on the beach and reading pretty much sums up our whole day. Ummm... here's what we read, in case you're interested. If not, you could just read Day 11 again. That one was pretty entertaining.

The Fifth Elephant
by Terry Pratchett

Sam Vimes of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch has been chosen by the Patriarch for a diplomacy mission to the untamed wilds of Uberwald. Captain Carrot has gone looking for his werewolf girlfriend Angua, leaving Fred Colon in charge. And the replica of the Scone of Stone is still missing. Is it a conspiracy to overthrow the Low King or did someone just have it in for Sonky?

An entertaining and provacative thriller... I can't put it down!
by Barry Maitland

It's a classic who-dunnit based in quirky England. The story goes... a master bank thief nicknamed The North has been spotted Christmas shopping in the same mall that they find a murdered young girl. where a young girl has been found murdered. Although two different units are trying to solve the crimes, they're both working with one detective - the star of our novel, Brock.

It looks like it's going to be a classic summer read. Plenty of excitement and intrigue with some British humour thrown in for fun.

I can't say we tried very hard in the photo department either. We took these stunning pictures of sand, which could be exciting if on a daily basis you're, oh I don't know, in an office, or even wearing a sweater. Regardless, this is all you get, because we're on vacation. Rest assured that on this Danny Nawrocki day, we did very very little, and are much healthier and happier as a result.

The adventure resumes tomorrow.

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Hi there
good to talk to you today.
Wasn't it Cape Cod where JAWS showed up? Don't go in the water!!!!
- Kev's Mom

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Today's Weather:
Beachy Keen!

Daily Stats
Gas: $15.00
Seagulls: 12
"Baby" Seagulls: 54
Giant Bug: 1

Sleeping Quarters
North of Highland

Site 5. Excellent campground. All the extras we've come to expect from Cape Cod. It's even in the middle of an enchanted forest.

Cost: $20.00

Paine Campground
Just up the road.
Shared:Peppers and Onions
Head of the Meadow
Shared:Honey Mustard Onion Pretzel Bits
Apple Juice
Head of the Meadow
Garlic Butter
Amazing Beach Chili

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