day 146
capitol reef national park, utah

"I enjoy the stick more than the candy." -k.
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I Tawt I Taw Utah:
Nickname: Beehive State
Land Area: 82,168 sq. mi.
Highest Pt.: Kings Peak
Height: 13,528 ft.
Population: 2,071,500
Capital: Salt Lake City

Claim to Fame: Some of the neatest parkland in the country. The world, even.

Bovine Warning of the Day
But First, Cheese.
We took time out of our quest for red rock to stop off at the Chappell Cheese Factory. Their sign had our two favourite words: Free Tour.

Tasted: Jalapeno Cream
Bought: Squeaky Curd

The Miracle of Modern Cheese:
Until about 1850, most cheese was produced in small dairies. The first cheese making factories were merely enlarged forms of the farmhouse dairy, but gradually, the equipment became large and more mechanized. Since 1945, cheese making equipment and methods have changed radically. Today, factories can handle up to 1,000,000 liters of milk a day.

Red All Over
Jan 19 - We've been travelling for a long, long time. Longer than most New Yorkers stay in one job. Longer than it takes to see a medical specialist in Canada.

I think it's safe to say we've seen a lot of this country. We've seen the mountains and the prairies and the lakes and oceans. Well, one ocean.

But one thing has been missing. Red rock. A simple change of soil and landscape has always been one of our most highly anitipated destinations of this trip. It's a landscape that is just so different from anything we've ever seen that we've been getting giddier and giddier with excitement as we get closer to Capitol Reef National Park, the first stop on our red rock tour.

And the landscape does not disappoint. If you've never been here before, start planning your visit now. Each year, more and more people are discovering this magical area.

Trust us. You'll want to stop.
In the summer, the campgorunds are overflowing and the parks are having difficulty handling the recent surge of visitors. So why not make the trip in January like us? There's no one else here! The rock is still red year-round and it's glorious to see when there aren't a dozen others blocking your view.

But more important than the time you visit is that you do visit. You'll marvel at the ancient petroglyphs and the more recent pioneer records carved into the rock faces. You'll go on a hike you'll never forget through towering mountains and deep ravines. You'll want to wake early to see the sun slowly turn the cliffs a glowing red. You won't want to leave.

Neither will we. We are so glad to finally get to this area of the country. We're in no hurry to leave it.

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(get out your push pins)

Capitol Reef National Park

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Sleeping Quarters
Capital Reef National Park

Site 7. We're here! It's more beautiful than we imagined and it's got heated bathrooms. How great is that?

Cost: $10.00

Charmane's House
Salt Lake City, UT
All:French Toast, Scrambled Eggs, Ham, O.J.
On the Road
Highway 24
Capitol Reef National Park

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