day 145
salt lake city

"You know, one of these days I'm just gonna get a mouthful of urine."
- Steve.
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Salt of the Earth:
Population: 181,740
Founded: 1847
#1 Sight: Temple Square

Claim to Fame: The 2002 Winter Olympics, the Sundance Film Festival, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
We saw all three.

Wrongly Green-Lighted Olympic Merchandise of the Day
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We had the lucky break of being in the Salt Lake City region while the Sundance Festival was in full swing. Being film lovers, we decided to drive on up to Park City to get a glance at the goings-on.

Well, we didn't see Nicole Kidman, we weren't able to get tickets to any of the shows, and we most certainly weren't dressed up enough. We couldn't even pass for indie directors.

The verdict? Don't forget your Donna Karan earmuffs with matching leopard skin leggings. The movies are secondary.

Only 7 More States To Go!

Relay This
Jan 18 - Everyone's getting geared up for the olympics. The flags are waving, the banners are flying, the people are cheering. The torch is being carried all over America for the entire country to see and stand proud.

All over America except Minnesota and the Dakotas, that is. Or Hawaii, for that matter.

For some reason, the Olympic Committee or whomever's in charge of the route decided that four states weren't worth visiting. Okay, Hawaii I might be able to understand, being a state that doesn't necessarily have a winter. But Minnesota? The Dakotas? You saw the movie 'Fargo'. The weather is like that a good seven months of the year up there. We know, first hand.

So why would they cut out three of the snowiest states? After all, we did 'em. In a friggin' tent.

Our Route
Length of Tour: 6 Months
States Covered: 48
States Missed: Alaska, Hawaii
Reason: Difficult to get there by car this time of year

The Torch's Route
Length of Tour: 65 Days
States Covered: 46
States Missed: Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Hawaii
Reason: Unknown

Let's talk about these states for a moment. In South Dakota, you've got Mount Rushmore. What could be more American than that? The four greatest presidents in the history of the United States, don't you think they deserve to see the torch run by their smiling faces? And, since we're on the state, what about Belle Fourche? The exact geographical center of the 50 states! I think that's deserving of a visit.

Then you've got Minnesota... Hello? The Mall of America? You can't tell me that that place wouldn't have swarmed with people for the occasion. Any excuse to go to the mall, especially the biggest mall in the country. If you were looking for a way to up the economy, there it is.

And North Dakota? Ha! Let me tell you about North Dakota! Well, you've got... er... you've got... um... hmm. Anyway, you get my point.

___ Proposed route changes
The way we see it, if they went to Omaha, they could have hopped in the van and gone straight up to Fargo, with a brief stop in Sioux Falls, SD. Bam. There's two more states. Then from Milwaukee, a quick jaunt over to the twin cities for an afternoon at the Mall of America, and back to Janesville in time for supper. Make it a 68-day tour instead of a 65-day tour... what's the harm in that? The number 65 doesn't have any significance, does it? Well, neither does 68. Problem solved.

Come on, people. It doesn't take a genius to do a little extra planning. You could have done it. It could have been a 49 state tour. And hey, if Hawaii feels slighted, just tell them that they have nice weather year round and they should be happy with that.

Maybe they should have given the torch to us.

weather or not...




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We've got mail...

Hey hoped you enjoyed Utah, and got to see all the stuff.... Well you didn't put many pics of my nephew or neice or sister up for that matter. By the Way, it's ZCMI, not ZNIC. Thats the big mall downtown.
- Nolan, Calgary AB

Sorry Nolan! Here ya go!

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Salt Lake City, UT

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A Snowstorm of Olympic Proportions

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Travel Tip #145:
When someone from Salt Lake City gives you directions to their place, be sure to multiply all the streets by 100. It works!
Sleeping Quarters
Steve's Sanitorium

As payment for staying at their place, Steve felt that our story was worthy of a Stoutumentary. He whipped out the camcorder and grilled us on his couch for a good twenty minutes.
Dah dah dah DAH dah DAAAH DAAAAH dun dah dah DAAAH DAAAAAH!

Kensington Ave.
K's Order:Western Omelette with Salsa & Cheese
A's Order:Apple
ZNIC Center
Downtown SLC
K's Order:Chicken Sandwich from Towne Express
A's Order:2 Bean Burritos from Taco Maker and a McCone
Kensington Ave.
All:Pasoule Tortillas a la Charmane

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