morning 116
the black hills

"Wow! It's Mount Rushmore as seen from the womb!" -a.
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Mel's Morning:
It all started with a knock on our door. Some nice man had been driving by and stopped by to tell us that we had the flatest flat tire that ever was flat.

Oh No!

Mel has a flat! We're stuck here in the middle of Closed-For-Season-Ville! What ever shall we do? Whomever shall we call? We don't know nuthin' about changing no tires!

Voice from above:
Don't fret, Aim, Kev and Mel. Just pick up your phone and dial AAA. They'll change your tire for you so you can go back into the hotel room and finish watching the second half of Little House on the Prairie.

Wow! That's a great idea. Now we can find out if this is the episode where Mary goes blind.

Our Hero

The Classic Carving
Dec 20, kind of early - If I had to choose to be a President, based solely on my eternal location on Mount Rushmore, I think I'd want to be Washington.

He gets to look out over the black hills, watching buffalo roam and antelope play, while the others have their view partially blocked by the profiles of other great men.

Roosevelt's got it the worst. He's staring at Lincoln's profile day in and day out. He barely gets the sun on his face. Would you want to spend your life being a great leader of the free world if you end up staring at the rock-hard schnozz of Lincoln? You can tell he's displeased just by looking at him.

So why wouldn't I want to be Lincoln? Well, for starters, he's being stared at all day. Don't think I'd go for that. And secondly, he's got no neck. I'm sure he had a neck in real life, but he doesn't on Mount Rushmore. That's just not right.

New Kid on the Block
If I had to choose to be a monument, based solely on taste, I'd want to be Crazy Horse.

Monument, statue or sculpture? Whatever they call these "take a mountain and carve it into a guy" things, I'd be Crazy Horse.

Of course, I wouldn't be completed for another 200 years, but that'd be okay, because eventually I'd be the coolest darn statue/sculpture/monument there ever was. Or at least the biggest.

Think of it. A horse as large as a cruise ship. Hair flowing into the mountain I'm carved out of, hundreds of feet in length. Regal and magestic in the sunset.

And not a single Lincoln nose in sight.

they hide them in the hills...

Let's appreciate the humour of this animal

Why did the turkey cross the road? To get away from the goats

They fed me peanut butter

They can't all be goats
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