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Here Comes Pat:
Tablecloths: Si
Copper: Si
Masks: Si
Bigger Tablecloths: Si
Pewter: Si
Woodwork: Si
Round Tablecloths: Si
Wicker: Si
Patterned Tablecloths: Si
Embroidery: Si

Claim to Fame: Patzcuaro is famous for its Day of the Dead festival every November. Although this event is celebrated throughout Mexico, the unique settings of Patzcuaro make these celebrations especially impressive.

In the bustling cemetaries, each grave is covered with private tokens intended to summon back the dead in celebration.

Banco de Puerca of the Day
Hot! Hot! Hot!
Most restaurants bring bread to the table prior to the meal. If they're super snazzy, they'll bring bruschetta.

In Mexico, they bring you onions mixed with habanero peppers and a bowl of green chile. We saw no sane reason to eat such things, unless we wanted to experience the revenge of Montezuma.
Five Words We Learned Today:

You Can Never Have Too Many Tablecloths
Febrero 1 - Brighter... brighter... that seems to be the call of the tablecloth makers in Patzcuaro. You won't see beige. You won't see taupe. You won't see tan. You'll feast your eyes upon colour combinations previously only seen on Rod Roddy and my brother during his Hawaiian shirt phase.

Just as you're trying to convince yourself that the yellow-on-green-on-purple tablecloth you're longing for will go perfectly with your red-on-orange-on-blue napkins, you'll see a glimmer of silver in your peripheral vision. What's that? Maybe the colours didn't burn right through your retina! What luck!

Off you go to inspect the shiny colours. They turn out to be pewter-ware. (Ware is a term you're going to be hearing a lot today. Everything is ware this and ware that. Later, you'll be wondering "ware" your money went. Hardee har har.)

Since you're on vacation, you'll be taking a lot of pictures. Luckily, the pewterware comes in all shapes and sizes for photos. What Luck!

What's next? What about those hanging things over there? Hey! They're straw baskets! Just when you were wondering what you were going to put the pewter and tablecloths in. What Luck!

You look left. Gleaming copper pots. You look right. Intricate wooden furniture. How did everyone get so skilled at making so many different things, all of which you must buy and take home to Canada, a country deprived of such artistry.

As legend has it, the islands and villages around Patzcuaro Lake were suffering in the late 1800's. Each village was struggling to survive and make a living and a name for themselves. When Cortez (or some other Spanish dude, I can't remember, it wasn't in my book) arrived in the area and saw this, he granted each village a skill of their own, unique from the others. One had black pottery, one had copperware, one had basket weaving, and so on.

To this day, each village has retained its original craft and travellers to the area visit each village in turn to buy the art directly where it's made. Of course, if you're in a bit of a rush, you can visit the town of Patzcuaro which serves as a marketplace for all of the villages. What Luck!

Be forewarned. If you walk into Patzcuaro, you will begin mentally redecorating your home with a Mexican decor. I strongly suggest carrying around a snippet of neutrality with you as a dose of reality. If you still hold any longing for your simple beige rug with your taupe sofa and tan walls back home, then perhaps you need to think twice before buying the purple plaid dining room ensemble. But that's just a suggestion.

Oversized tribal masks
go with any colour scheme!

the people of patzcuaro...

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Nuestro Sitio Ahora

Mañana: Morelia Centro

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El Tiempo:

Las Estadísticas
Gasolina: None
Align & Bal was: 450p
Align & Bal is: 391p
Savings: 59p
Worth: 6 Julio's Tacos

To Patzcuaro:56km
Driven in:Dad's Car

Mis Padres

The dust is starting to get to Kev, but he'll suffer if it means he'll also get a tan.


The Parents'
All:Grapefruit, Papaya, Raisin Bran, Sam's Buns

Chez Pemex
All:Sopa Tarasca, Arroz con guacamole
K's Order:Tortitas de raiz de chayote en chile guagillo con frijoles, Limonada
A's Order:Chiles Relleno de queso en caldillo de jitomate con frijoles, Corona
M's Order:Pollo empaizado con papas y salada, Corona
D's Order:Filete de pescado con ensalada, Arroz con leche, Corona
Cuenta:212 pesos

Jan & Len's
Vista Bella Hotel
All:Burgers, Beans, Beers

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