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"You dreamed about our drive shaft?" -a.
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Via Con Dios:
Cathedral: Just "Cathedral"
Built: 1660 to 1774
Towers: Two
Tower Height: 200 ft.
Organ: Monumental
Pipes: 4,600

Claim to Fame: This magestic organ is the star of The Annual International Organ Festival! Wow!

Sismo Scare of the Day
When you're looking for a nice pre-show drink, there's no better place to go than the neighbourhood Burger King! Salut!
Five Words We Learned Today:
Viejo--Old (Man)
Viejito--Little Old Man
Naranjada--Orange Pop
How're We Feeling?
So far, so good. Nearly everything that's gone into our mouths has been unidentifable, but delicious.
This will catch up with us sooner or later. Or sooner and later.

Feliz Viejos
Febrero 2 - Arrive at the Colibri. Make reservations by 8pm. Arrive by 10pm to get a seat. The show starts at 11:45pm. It ends 15 minutes later. Is it worth it?


Down a side-street of downtown Morelia, through an unsuspecting entryway, behind sound-proof double doors, lies the greatest show in town. La dansa de los viejitos. That's the Dance of the Old Men to you Gringos.

The Dance of the Old Men is native to the Morelia area, performed for many, many years to the delight of the onwatchers, and, as we later learned, the occassional unsuspecting participant.

The wonderful live music you hear before hand, a crooning guitar player and an upbeat three-piece band, are mere amusements of the ear to keep you patient until the Old Men arrive. There hasn't been this much anticipation for old men since Walter Matheau's last Grumpy film.

It's almost time! The waiters move the tables back to create a suitable dance floor, the final opeing act makes their way off the stage, change their clothes, and make their way back onto stage pretending to be another band - this time the band for the Old Men. The excitement is rising. No one has told us what to expect, so we're expecting everything.

And they don't disappoint.

Out they come, one after another. The moment you see them, you're delighted, smiling and thinking that the two hour wait has been worth every second.

They jump, they crouch, they spin, and most of all, they stomp. Boy, do they stomp. Ever see the Broadway show "Stomp?" Well, they don't stomp like these guys stomp.

How to dance the dance...

Achey Breaky Bones

Jump! Jump!

Twist and Shout

Move It All About

So if you ever find yourself down a side-street in downtown Morelia, go through that unsuspecting entryway and find your way through the double doors to see for yourself la dansa de los viejitos.

You'll love it.

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The Gargler

The Fop

The Stereotype

The Hitchhiker
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Marvelous, as always

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Dust still bothering Kevin. Must... purchase... lozenges.


All:Fruit, Toast

All:Chicken Rostada Sandwiches

Morelia Centro
Food:Brocheta Moreliana, Guacamole, Enchilada de Rancho
Drinks:Coronas, Limonadas, Naranjadas
Cuenta:256 pesos

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