méxico: el día doce
mystery spot along the pacific

"It's a good thing I've got so much sun, so you can't tell
I've been drinking." -frank.
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Single-Minded Surf:
Swimming: Too Dangerous
Wading: Too Muddy
Snorkelling: Big Undertow
Sunbathing: Too Rocky
Fishing: No Fish
Surfing: Excellent!

Claim to Fame: The locals have removed the road sign. The road is dirt. The only way you're going to get here is if you're with someone else who has been given directions by someone who thinks you're worthy. Good luck finding it on your own.

Fried Fillet of the Day
Caught on Disk!
During a covert operation taking place in this super-secret location, we caught the locals doing it again. Spreading the dust. This time, with a rake. Should you happen to witness this type of activity in your town, contact us immediately at 1-800-DUST-NOW.

Nothing Marks the Spot
Febrero 9 - We found it! Surfer's Paradise!

Actually, we didn't find it, Jan and Len found it last time they were down in these parts.

Actually, they didn't find it either. They were told about it by our pal Gringo John. Otherwise, they never would have found it either. They would have had to be content with lounging around in front of the pool back at Caleta de Campos. Ho hum.

And why would they never have found it? Because, my friends, it is hidden deep, deep, deep in the outer reaches of Mexico, amongst the slums and farms and dust. Even those who know of it have trouble finding it, because it's an unmarked, invisible, nontravelled dirt road off a dirt road off a dirt road.

Unmarked by choice, mind you. Every time the government puts up a sign, the locals take it down. Hey, you would too if you could camp there for only two pesos a night.

Not that there's much to do here besides surf. I mean, none of us surf, so we had to content ourselves with drinking and chatting with surfers (a whole other class of entertainment on its own). The atmosphere is so laid back, everyone is smiling, and they've all got one thing on their scheming little minds... the perfect wave.

Two things, now that I think about it. The Mexican National Surfing Championship is being held near here in the not too distant future. In a matter a days, I think. Only Mexicans can enter (and according to Surfer Jim, Mexicans make pretty damn good surfers). But, even if you can't compete, it's always a good time to pick up a couple of new tricks.

That is, if you can find the place.

Ask A Surfer
Name: Jim Raftery
Summer Occupation: Beach Lifeguard on Cape Cod
Winter Occupation: Surfer in Mexico
Eagerly Anticipating: Upcoming Mexican Nationals

How is a surfing contest judged? It's a combination of two factors: your ability to pick a good wave, and the tricks you can do on that wave. It's mostly style points.

What about length of time, or distance? Nope. It's about style. I suppose the better your wave, the longer you're on it, but that's not really what it's about.

So does everyone go out at the same time, or one at a time? Actually, neither. The participants are divided into "heats" of four or five. They all go out together and wait for the waves. When one sees a wave he likes, he takes it, and that's his turn.

What happens if two people pick the same wave? The one closest to the crest of the wave gets the wave, and the other has to back off.

What does the winner get? The winner goes on to the international competition in South Africa.

That's all we know, folks. We didn't want to bug Surfer Jim too much, because his burger and fries were getting cold. If you want to learn more, my mom suggests renting Gidget Goes Hawaiian.

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Nuestro Sitio Ahora
Mystery Spot

Mañana: Up the Coast

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El Tiempo:

Las Estadísticas
Wouldn't want you to triangulate.
(Besides, Jan drove)

Corona: 10 pesos
Fanta: 8 pesos
Burrito: 30 pesos
Lodging: 20p/night

Gringo John's

Back to Gringo John's for our last night in luxury. We've moved to the bigger hammocks on the lower-level roof. It means we don't have the magnificent sunrise view, but rather the incredible sunset view. Ahhh the life we lead...

Gringo John's
Caleta de Campos
The Gang:Raisin Bran, Coffee
Cafe Hugo's
Undisclosed Location
Shared:Burrito Vegetariano, Corona, Fanta
Gringo John's
Caleta de Campos
The Gang:Chorizo Gumbo, Tony's Blackened Shrimp

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