méxico: el día catorce
the best little whorehouse in guasave

"It's a good thing that truck didn't hit us, or else
your last word would have been 'dude.'" -a.
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Habitación: 159 pesos
Suite: 200 pesos
Suite Doble: 300 pesos
Questions Asked: None

Claim to Fame: A great little getaway for you and your mistress!

Inefficient Transport Vehicle of the Day

Souther Than South:
This proves it! The southernmost point in the lower 48 states is
Key West, Florida, located at a latitude of 24 degrees or so. Not quite the tropics, but pretty darn close.

But this is a picture of the Tropic of Cancer, 23 1/2 degrees, a shade lower than Key West. And we passed this sign on our way back up. We were as south as Cuba! Ha! Take that, Jeff and Vilma!

Prostitute Sold Separately
Febrero 11 - Well well well. What a fine establishment we've chosen tonight.

We had heard rumours of places like this in Mexico from our friends Jan and Len (you can meet them on Día Siete), but never thought we'd actually run into one. It's a no frills, no fuss, no front counter nightly habitat. The true essence of the No-Tell Motel. It's brilliant!

Are you a married senator looking for a cheap place to get a quickie in with your 18 year old mistress? Are you a hunky scandal-ridden actor, sick of being followed to your front door by the paparazzi to see what floozy you're taking home this week? Are you old enough to drive but not yet of the socially-accepted age or maturity level to have casual sex? Then come on in! You'll love this place!

Parking is never a problem.
First of all, everyone gets their own garage. Why? So no one can drive through the parking area and wonder why your telltale '69 Shelby Mustang with the license plate "BAD2BONE" is in the lot when it should be at that late night board meeting you phoned home about, of course. If you can pull off the street without being spotted, you're home free.

It's about six seconds from the street to the first open door, but once you're inside the gates, it's pretty sheltered. They make the road purposely curvy to minimize visibility. Trust them; they've done it for your own safety. You pull your car into your own personal garage, pull down the door (on the cheaper one Jan and Len encountered, we heard it was just a curtain), and enter your room from the inside.

No one sees your dirty deeds.
But how do you pay? Surely you have to face an employee then?

Not here you don't! Each room provides one of these spinning door thingos, just like entering a dark room. Your cash goes in, it spins around, and your cash is gone. Just like that, you've paid the bill, and nobody knows it's you.

This is how room service is delivered as well. There's a phone in your room, and a menu, and an ice cream ad, and some other tasty treats you might want. Call the front desk, order a mango sherbet ("Mango sherbet, por favor!"), and leave 23 pesos in the spinner. Zip Zap Zop: Your 23 pesos turned into a mango sherbet!

Some places like this, we've heard, will even run errands for you while you're busy

The bottom line in comfort.
doing... er... other things. Naughty Mexican women will stop in for a quick tryst, and leave their grocery list in the spinner. One hour later, she's relaxed, if a little flushed, and two bags of veggies are waiting outside. Her family will never suspect a thing. Takes the hassle out of those long lines at the supermarket!

Sure, it's not the most fashionable place in town, but what were you expecting? Hotel Duluth? No one saw you enter, no one sees your Canadian plates, your car is safely locked away... at 159 pesos a night (about $20 US), you're probably staying at the safest place in Mexico.

Just make sure the sheets are washed.

den of iniquity...

The walled
outer entrance

The mirrored
head office

The hidden
vehicle bays

The anonymous
pay station
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Hey you guys!
Just got up to speed with the site. The only thing that would have made the Mexico pages better would have been the quote somewhere, "Hey man, let's go get some burritos!" Kev will know what it means.
- Colin, Thunder Bay ON

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Nuestro Sitio Ahora
Guasave, Sinalo

Mañana: Nogales, AZ

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El Tiempo:
It actually rained!

Las Estadísticas
Gasolina: 680p
Avoided Policia:3x

Treble Park

Room 32. You already know the story with this place.

Cuenta: 159 pesos

Trailer Park
Punta de Mita
K's Order:Apple Oatmeal
A's Order:Apple Oatmeal
On the Road
Mexico 15 Libre
Shared:Dried Fruit
Roadside Restauranta
K's Order:Sopes Puerco, Kas
A's Order:Sopes Puerco, Agua
Cuenta:65 pesos

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