day 183
disney's california adventure

"Oh yeah, this is abnormally dead. You should be done by
one o'clock." - Dwyne, Disney employee.
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California Adventure:
Attractions: 25
Conquered: 11
Closed: 3
From Other Parks: 4
Not worth our time: 10

Avg line length: 5 min
Avg ride length: 3 min

Cynicism Factor: 3/10

Best Ride:
California Screamin'

Runner Up: Soarin' Over California

Worst Ride:
Golden Zephyr
California Adventure Rides and Ratings:

 California Screamin'
 Soarin' Over California
 Muppetvision 3-D
 Grizzly River Run
 Tough to be a Bug!
 Who wants to be a Millionaire?

 Disney Animation
 King Triton's Carousel

 Mission Tortilla Factory

 Golden Zephyr
Disneyland Rides and Ratings that we didn't already see at Disneyworld:

 Indiana Jones Adventure

 Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
 Roger Rabbit Car Toon Spin

 Matterhorn Bobsled
Closed Today:

 Space Mountain
 Splash Mountain
 King Arthur's Carousel
 Snow White's Scary Adventures

Done like Disney Feb 25 - We're at Disney! Again! Yay! I am overwhelmed to be at this most joyous of parks! The thrill! The excitement of being within the same square mile as a man dressed in a mouse outfit who's been forbidden to talk, but encouraged to caress small children! What a country!

Have any of you ever really stopped to think how strange it must be to walk around all day as a cartoon character? Everyone knows I can't shut up on a good day, so not being able to talk for eight hours a day seems like it wouldn't be the best match for me. It's beyond me how they can keep from slipping up.

I know Mickey. I know Goofy.
I know Kevin. But who's the dope on the left?
What if someone faints near them and there's no one else around to help? Can they call for help? Are they risking their jobs by doing this? Maybe they always carry a panic button in their pants in case of such an emergency. One push and the "talking" staff comes running to the rescue.

If I had to choose a character to be, it'd be one of the really nasty villians. Like Cruella de Ville or that old witch who goes around handing out poison apples (which, by the way, is my theory on how that Halloween
Child cowers in the face of Cruell-ty.
razor-blade-apple rumour started). On average, the villians don't have their heads contained within 20-pound foam rubber masks. I've also noticed that it's usually the villians who are allowed to get a word in edgewise. But here's the best part... they get to be mean to the kids, and the kids eat that stuff up!

One example... normally when Mickey comes prancing out, he spends a silent 20 minutes with the kids and pats their heads and mask-kisses the babies and then he has to very, very slowly work his way out of the crowd without insulting anyone. He's a master of crowd-pleasing politics. Finally, after another 20 minutes of sneaking away, he's finally through a door to the mysterious interior of Disney that we never get to see.

But Cruella, she doesn't have to waste her time with the politeness.
We Had A Blast!
After closing their New York show, Blast! moved their amazing performance to Disney. Broadway must be missing them, because this is a truly excellent show!

Picture it as a drum core on methamphetamines. It's like watching ballet, except the orchestra kicked out the tutu girls and are running around on stage on their own. Add guns and swords and ultraviolet light and flying tubas, and you've got a show! Huzzah!

Heck, if she were polite, she'd be out of character! We witnessed her bluntly telling the waiting fans that she had things to do, puppies to skin, yadda yadda yadda... and they were holding her back from all of this villianry. She swept through the crowd of kiddies like a tornado through a trailer park, trailing her cape over their heads.

How cool is that? This totally appeals to me as a future career option! And it's so ironic in a way. Parents have paid the big bucks for their kids to be treated badly by a villian. I'll be surprised if some of these kids don't grow up to be sadists. Or, of course, they could grow up to be villians at Disney and complete the circle.

Disney's nothing but good, I tell ya. They know how to not only brainwash kids to idolize Mickey, and convince the parents to spend thousands on a trip to Disneyland, but they even know how to encourage future generations to enter a life of villianry. In turn, this will give them the inspiration for dozens more movies. Brilliant.

empty land...

Kev's got no Disney friends to play with. Awww.

Hey, a crowd!
Nope, that's the staff.

Was there a bomb scare?

Who needs lines?


King Triton's Carousel

Indiana Jones Adventure

Muppetvision 3-D
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Good morning. Ed the fireman here,."Central coast" When you get to Cambria after Morrow Rock on your left. this town has a lots of charm. The food is wonderful. At the West end of the town of Cambria there's a side road that follows the shore line on the left side. it wonderful to see. They filmed same time next year Alan Alda, This Road take you back to hwy. 1. next see the Hearst castle in San Simeon thats a must. Its only 5 miles north of Cambria. Look toward the hills on the right side you will see it. After Hearst castle stay on hwy. 1 and about 4 mile past San Simeon you will come upon a pull out on the left side to view the sea lions. great to see. From there heading north hwy 1. Big Sur area. This is breathtaking region. Redwoods march down to the sea and the lighthouses guard the coastline. Beaches, waterfalls, natural beauty cover it all. Monterey bay has the largest study of marine life in the world. The museum is something to see. From there you will head north for San Francisco. Across the Golden gate bridge. there's a lot to do in San Francisco. After the golden gate you must return to hwy. 1.its about 5 miles if I remember. You will heading toward Mendocino where they filmed Murder she wrote. This wild, rugged part of the state is characterized by old-and secound-growth redwood forest, coastal bluffs, secluded coves. and wildlife areas. The North coast with its redwood are just breath taking. You must see del Norte redwoods. Prairie creek Redwoods, and Jedediath Smith if you have time. Elk every where. Fern canyon. look that up in your maps. You will cross a bridge with bears on each corner.Klamaoth river. if you guys camp. Just north of the bridge about half a mile is the Chinook camp ground. Left side. This camp ground the people are so nice. very beautiful area You can sit at night and have a fire right next to the river. As you travel hwy. 1 don't forget to see some of the light houses. They are something to see. I must go. Enjoy your trip.
- Ed, California

I've really enjoyed your web pages these past months. What a blast that you went to see The Price is Right and I can't believe the absence of crowds at Disneyland! Yikes! It's worse than it was when we were at Disney World! By the way, nice scratch out job of Carl and I! It's a good thing they weren't little voo-doo dolls or we'd both have Captain Morgan moustaches now.
- Cindy, New Orleans LA

It's MAX.
If you hadn't noticed the similarities to Goofy then you're blind. He's his son (please don't ask me who'd ever sleep with Goofy...eeewww)
Refer to the Disney movie "Goof Troop" and Disney's One Saturday Morning lineup for more of him.
- Karen & Donnie, Ottawa ON

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Today's Park:
Disney's California Adventure

Tomorrow: Sony Pictures Studios!

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Today's Weather:

Daily Stats
Gas: None!

Arrived: 10:25
Parking: $7.00
Lot: Donald
Crowds: None!

Sleeping Quarters
Belly of a Whale

Hahaha not really a whale, silly. Just our same old state park. Who's the coolest of the parks where I can always staaaay? M-A-L, I-B-U, C-R-E-E-K!

Cost: $12.00

On the Way
To Anaheim, CA
Aimee:Chevron Coffee
Throughout the day
Brought:Bananas, Pretzels, Twix bars, Water
Handed:Corn Tortilla
Carl's Jr.
Hollywood Way
Kevin:Six Dollar Burger Combo
Aimee:Bacon Cheeseburger Combo

Burger Joint

Carl's Jr.
Specialty: Six Dollar Burger
Price: $3.95
Fries: Like McDonald's
Jingle: We Suck! Eat More!

Carl's used to be so cool! Four years ago when we were here, they had the most awesome steakburgers and breaded zucchini. Now, I think Hardee's bought them up and replaced good quality fast food with CRAP! This sucks ass now! Sucks like big fat ass!

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