day 184
sony pictures studios, culver city

"I got ya, ya stray sausage!" -a.
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Culver's Travels:
Culver City, home to Sony Pictures Studios! We saw Stage 30, where they've filmed Planet of the Apes, Twilight Zone, and The Ring.

Actually, we were only really allowed to peek into Stage 30 while we waited in line to use the bathroom.

Baywatch Babes Fight Off Wayward Jellyfish with Uzis!
Today's Commute... Ventura Blvd.
It's the road less travelled, until you hit the city. Unless you're looking for fast food or a Target, stay off this one.
Today's Featured Street... Sepulveda Street
It's not Hollywood or Rodeo Drive or any of those famously glamourous streets, but gosh darn it, it's just so much fun to say! Go ahead... Se-PULL-veh-dah!

Just makes me smile.
Today's Outdoor Mall...
Our Campground

After camping for six months and sleeping, eating and peeing outside, we're wondering why we're spending our money at other outdoor establishments.
Outdoors, schmoutdoors!
We want indoors!

Give us the
Mall of America!
Radio Repeats:
Ace of Base
Sheryl Crow
Shania Twain

People live here.

Triple Jeopardy
Feb 26 - The last time we were in Los Angeles, it was like a free-for-all. Free sitcoms, free games shows, free movie previews. The entire town seemed set up to entertain us free of charge.

Things were different this time. We had to work hard for our entertainment. Phones calls were made left and right. Trips to Mann's Chinese Theatre looking for the ticket guys proved futile. After a few hours of searching, and a short trip to visit our best friend Mr. Internet, we scored: Jeopardy!

A mere one-hour wait (behind the yellow line, please) and you're inside the gates at Sony Pictures Studios. To our surprise, we were the studio audience for not one, but three shows. I don't think I've ever watched three shows of Jeopardy in a row. Heck, I don't think I've watched three shows of Jeopoardy in the past three years. When you don't have a television you'll resort to anything to catch your favourite shows, like seeing them live.

I won't tell you who won what. Not because I'm keeping it in, but because I've written it down the right side. For a while I was trying to figure out a money-making scheme based on the Jeopardy knowledge I've acquired, but besides impressing someone by knowing that the first First Lady to be born in the 20th century was Jacqueline Kennedy, I can't find the right angle to capitalize. Besides, a quick trip to Google will get you the same information.

Sorry about not having any photos. Since September 11th, they've really beefed up security at the studios. They told us to take our camera back to the car, and we think they meant it.

To make up for this unfortunate turn of events, here is a photo of an extremist post-September-11th ad designed specifically to remind you of how sexy war can truly be.

So the most I really have to hope for will be a better chance of yelling out the questions before you do, should I be at your house on June 24. It's a little like when a bunch of us in Thunder Bay realized that two stations were broadcasting Jeopardy at once, but one was on a thirty second delay. We'd watch one category, then flip back to the other channel and answer the questions all over again. We felt so smart! Besides, what else are you going to do for fun in Thunder Bay? After Mario Kart, I mean.

It's also like the time I worked at the Sci Fi channel and I'd seen most of the X-Files movie before it came out in theatres. I'm not good with secrets, so I think I ruined the movie for Kev. Just like I'm ruining the last week of June Jeopardy for you.

Capitalism aside, seeing the shows being taped was a great experience. Made all the greater by the wackiness of Alex Trebek. He's a modern-day Jekyll and Hyde. The moment the camera is on, he's Mr. Professional. Stands up straight, talks in his Jeopardy tone, smiles in the appropriate places. The perfect host.

But he really shines when the camera turns off. When the red light goes off, it's a signal to his inner child and he turns plain old silly. He cracks jokes with the teens about how much he drinks, tells stories about the nasty fans at his son's baseball games, and fields questions from the audience, usually with a sarcastic answer and a sharp accent that wouldn't be claimed by any country. He's Elmer Fudd, Fred Astaire, and Ben Stein rolled into one. Would you expect any less from a Canadian?

So if you don't go to Jeopardy for the advanced trivia information, go to experience the ever-amusing Alex Trebek off-camera. It made me think that the best entertainment in L.A. is still free, after all.

where's pamela...

We're heading to Roy Rogers Beach... home of Baywatch!

That's not her!

Here comes David!

That's her! In the black trunks! Wow!

fat slogans...

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We've got mail...

Have you ever read Robin Cook's Toxin? (Well it isn't particularly good so if you haven't, don't run out and buy it.) But this is NOT the book I should be reading while you are checking out the burger joints!!!!
- Mom, Morelia MX

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Current Location
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Sony Pictures Studio

Next Stop: CBS Studios

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Today's Weather:
Hot Studio Lighting

Daily Stats
Gas: $10.00

Big Winner:Eric Floyd
4-day Total: $97,800
Booted By:A Librarian
Lib's Total: $31,200

Sleeping Quarters
Malibu Creek State Park

Site 11. We're really moving into this campsite. We've made a living room, a kitchen area, a garbage pit, and we've even got some pet rabbits to eat our asparagus bottoms!

Cost: $12.00

On The Road
Ventura Blvd.
K's Order:French Vanilla Coffee
A's Order:Coffee
3rd Street Promenade
K's Order:Big Fat Deal w/ Fat Fries
A's Order:Big Fat Deal w/ Skinny Fries
Malibu Creek S.P.
Both:BBQ Pork Chops, Asparagus, Cherry Kool-Aid

Burger Joint

Specialty: Fatburger
Price: $3.69
Fries: Skinny or Fat
Slogan: We're Not For Everyone.

We've been thinking about Fatburger more and more the closer we've gotten to Los Angeles... last time we were here, we loved the advertising, but we didn't get a taste. This time, we got a taste, loved it, but the price made us cringe.

Overall Impression:

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