day 186
route one, california

"I don't think anything exciting is exactly going
to sneak up on us." -k.
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Coastal Cali:
Nickname: Golden State
Land Area: 155,937 sq. mi.
Highest Pt.: Mount Witney
Height: 14, 494 ft.
Population: 33,198,100
Capital: Sacramento
Largest City: Los Angeles

Claim to Fame: Highway One, the coastal highway, begins in California and travels all the way north to Seattle. Hence the name, Coastal Highway One.

We're Growing With Pride!
Kevin works...
...while Aimee cooks!

There's Nowhere To Go But Up
Feb 28 - I really think that we've left the best part of the country to the end of our trip. I feel this way for a number of reasons...

If you've got a minute right now, scoot on over to our map. This shows you the route that we've navigated through the US. It's not exactly a straight line, is it? If you had the microscopic ability to zoom right into the details on our map, what you would see would look like the underside of a brain coral. We've twisted and turned so much that I'm surprised we can still tell which direction is up.

After all of this twisting and turning, we're ready for the simplest road in America - Highway One. There's nothing to complicate this last zing up the coast unless we get some crazy scheme into our heads to go off on some inner-state adventure. But I think that's somewhat unlikely.

We're also ready to spend some time along the coast for sanity reasons. We frequently have a destination that we're trying to reach in a certain amount of time. Up the coast, we don't really hae anything earmarked, so we're free to wander, meet the locals and visit the lighthouses in an almost carefree way. And we know we can't get lost. It's like driving across Canada: there's only one road.

Now, all of my reasons for anticipating the coast aren't because I'm ready for a break from navigating the innards of America. I'm also looking forward to seeing the tallest tree in America and the second tallest tree and the third tallest tree... all this in the Redwood Forest! Can't wait.

I also really believe that the ocean is good for the human soul. I could be in a bad mood in the middle of the desert, on top of the highest mountain, or even plunked down in a fresh water lake. But put me beside an ocean and I'm thrilled to my toes to be there. This probably stems from living in the exact center of Canada, as far away from the oceans as possible.

One day I'll live beside the ocean and be the happiest person in the world. For now, I'll take a long trip on Highway One.

The Mold-A-Rama Debate: You Decide!
A short time ago, we received an e-mail from the good people at Mold-A-Rama. It appears that our site has been brought to their attention because of the video we are showing on Day 45.

As our story goes, we had been the innocent victims of a faulty Liberty Bell Mold-A-Rama Machine. Granted, the first time around, the machine worked perfectly fine. It was only when we had the cameras rolling that it coughed up a lung.

Apparently the good people at Mold-A-Rama haven't heard that any publicity is good publicity, so they've written asking us (very politely) to remove the video.

This presents us with a certain dilemma. While we want to be true to our actual experiences, we don't really want to get into a plastic mold-throwing fight with the good people of Mold-A-Rama. And besides, the video is really funny.

What do you think we should do?

Keep it!
But add a disclaimer below the movie that states its age, its near perfect record, and its contribution to the American plastic revolution as a brilliant and innovative machine. Also state that, should someone wish to view the movie, please be advised that it was only because it worked perfectly the first time and we did in fact receive an intact Liberty Bell that we were impressed enough to record a movie of the event, and as circumstances would have it, that was the moment it failed.

Delete it!
This is an outrage. Leave the photo of the device on the Detroit page, but remove the movie. However, since it seems you already have a Liberty Bell, I believe that my show of support for the integrity of the Mold-O-Rama company entitles me to a Liberty Bell of my own. Please attempt to have a Liberty Bell sent to me for my faith in plastic. You may reach me by email:

The Results:
It's unanimous! Everyone who voted thinks the movie should remain, but is in full understanding that the event was isolated, and would gladly place a dollar into that very machine should they visit Detroit. The Mold-A-Rama company should be thanking us, because, after all, any publicity is good publicity.

Thanks for voting!

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I can finally help you dudes in your travels of interesting/semi-interesting things to do... so Seattle is on the map? Check this place out! You wanna talk about something out of a Nirvana video check this place out... you walk down this alley and see a door with a sign above it "Alibi Room"... whatta name... This is the only place in downtown seattle that i could find fucking Sam Adams... everything is Micro Brew, Mac and Jack and Red Hook are the budweisers/coors lights of this very weird town... after you leave this place there is another just around the corner (top of the alley hill) its a little less "Kurt Cobain" influenced...
Hope your having a blast...
- Mark, New York NY

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Site 211. I think all this camping is starting to get to Kev.

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