day 45
detroit, michigan

"But Aimee, Detroit isn't exactly a 'let's just see
what happens ' kind of town." -k.
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The Gateway to Windsor:
Hoodlums: 116
Crackheads: 28
Junkies: 74
Hookers: 19
Bums: 273
Users of Public Transit: 0

Claim to Fame: Move over Boston! You may think you're the Bean Town, but in actuality, Detroit topped the list in bean consumption this year. According to a survey in USA Today, Boston came in a paltry tenth, where Detroit blew away the competition. Oh yes, and they make Fords.

Taste of Home of the Day

If Heaven Ain't a Lot Like Detroit...
By Uncle Kracker

If Heaven ain't a lot like Dee-troit,
I don't wanna go.

If Heaven ain't a lot like Dee-troit,
I'd just as soon stay home.

If they don't have no 8 Mile
Like they do up in the D,

Then send me to Hell, or Salt Lake City
It'll be about the same to me.

Watch the amazing Mold-A-Rama!
Filmed in amazing Zippatography! Click it out!

Disclaimer: Aimee and Kevin would like you to know that the first time they used the Mold-A-Rama, it worked perfectly, and we were very happy with our purchase. In future pictures, you will see the Liberty Bell on Mel's dashboard, proudly displayed.

The device itself is almost 40 years old, and it is incredible that it is still in near perfect working order. It was unfortunate that the instance in which we filmed the Mold-A-Rama, to show the world the wonder of the machine, it malfunctioned.

Aimee and Kevin do not wish to cause harm to Mold-A-Rama, the Henry Ford Museum, or any of their affiliates. Should you decide to watch this video, please keep in mind that this is an isolated occurrence.

Thank you.

Yes, It Is As Scary As They Say
Oct 10 - That's right, kids. Stay home. Don't come to Detroit. Not only will you be ill at ease (to put it mildly) for your entire stay, but honestly:
They don't want you here.

It's not like New York, where they look all mean, and then smile and say, "aw just kiddin'." You won't get a personalized invitation from the Mayor to ask you to come and visit. There is no Madame Tussauds, Disney Store, EasyEverything Internet Cafe, Starbucks, or street saxophonists.

Their public transit system, the "People Mover", moves less people than a Russian space shuttle. It goes in a circle, a 15 minute round trip. It has two cars. It has 15 stops, only one of which you'd feel comfortable getting off at. New York is a day care center compared to Detroit. Detroit is what New Yorkers would like their city to be, in terms of tourist discomfort.

Trust us. They don't want you to visit. They don't even like you.

If you ask the average person you meet in Detroit: "So what's there to see in Detroit?" you'll probably get one of these three answers:

1. Greektown.
2. The Henry Ford Museum.
3. You're not actually thinking of going downtown, are you?

This is Kev's cousin, Cheyenne. She's three. She loves Trix Yogurt, but she can't pronounce it. She loves the word "Bootylicious", but it's so funny she can't say it. But most of all, she loves watching herself say Trix Yogurt and Bootylicious.

You will too!
First Watch This...
Then Watch This!
You may be thinking Greektown is like Chinatown, or Little Italy. It isn't. It's smaller. It's one street, one block. One side of the street is taken up by the Greektown Casino, and the other side is a handful of very tasty Greek restaurants. But don't go around the corner thinking there's more. You just saw all of it. Just eat and get back in your car.

The Henry Ford Museum is actually in a suburb of Detroit. They're telling you to leave the city. You should listen to them.

And number three is absolutely true. You watch the news (Thunder Bay used to get Detroit News) and you say: "Oh come on. It can't be as bad as they make it out to be. It's just the news, right? People can't always be getting doused with gasoline and set on fire, right?" Yes, they can. Number three was advice given to us at a tourist information booth.

The only way we could figure it was this: Detroit has its industry. Cars. That's what they do. Cars bring so much money and jobs into the city that they don't need tourists to spend money there. Tourists only get in the way of them making the cars. If they could make their city so damn unpleasant that the tourists stay away, then everybody can get back to what they do best. Making cars, not making people happy.

So if you've only got time to do one thing in Detroit, we suggest number three.

a sad sight...

The outskirts

The inskirts

There's people there, you just can't see them

We'll see you at the movies
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We've got mail...

What a lovely tribute to Detroit!!! Offended MANY of my work pals...oh well....the truth hurts!!
Pictures are great and hope all goes well the rest of the way.
Stay safe,
- Stephanie, Detroit MI

I live about 45min south of Detroit, but spend alot of time working there. And Yep thats Detroit in a nutshell. But if you were downtown you were in the nicest part, try going into where all the people live (were I have to work). Im glad I only go there a couple of hour, in the daylight.

- Tim, Detroit MI

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Steph & Colin's

Another evening with the cutest kids money can buy. Here's my man Colin in a doo-rag.

Tim Horton's
Off 275, Hwy 153
K's Order:Coffee & Coffee Cake
A's Order:Large Coffee, 3x3
Cyprus Taverna
Greektown, Detroit
K's Order:Gyros, Souvlaki, Rice
A's Order:Spanakotyropitta, Moussaka, Pastitsio
Canton, MI
Both:Feel Good Food: Spaghetti!

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