day 44
across ohio

"Oh, there ya go. There's a redneck family." -k.
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Population: 11,197,9000
Capital: Columbus
Largest City: Columbus
Highest Pt. Campbell Hill
Height: 1,549 ft.
Nickname: Buckeye State
(For more information on Buckeye, check out Night 34)

Claim to Fame: The incredibly scenic Route 6.

Deja Vu of the Day

Rah Rah!
Atomic Power is the Wave of the Future!
Your Vote Counts*!
Apple or Frost for Judge?

Actually, your vote doesn't count at all. Just like a real election!

And some days, there's just nothing going on.

scenes from route six...

Basket Factory

Blimp Factory

Road Work

Asleep at the Wheel
more photos in the archive...

By the way, I made this neat old graphic for West Virginia, but never got a chance to use it because we only hit the tippy top of it. We considered going back to West Virginia later in the trip, but honestly... why?

If you've got a good reason, email us!

Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Across Ohio
(star represents approximate location of free plastic)
Next Stop: Detroit, MI

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Today's Weather:

Daily Stats
Gas: $10.00
Lowest Gas: $1.099/gal
Station: Clark
City: Vermillion

Boredom Level: 8

Sleeping Quarters
Cousin Stephie's

Kev's cousin Stephanie lives in Detroit with her husband Colin. Cheyenne was nice enough to give up her room so we could sleep tonight. Here's a picture of Little Colin, 8 months old. He's a charmer.

West Virginia
Both:Special K Red Berries Cereal
Dairy Queen
Lisbon, OH
K's Order:Apple Crisp Blizzard
A's Order:Pumpkin Pie Blizzard
Taco Bell
Canton, MI
K's Order:Combo #8
A's Order:Combo #1

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