day 193
highway one, california

"Whoa! When did we suddenly get back to America-land?." -a.
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The Big Five-Oh!
Milestone: 50,000 km
Location: Right Here
Time: 5:28pm PST

Mel hits the big one! Today marks the 50,000 kilometer of our trip! We're halfway done! Just kidding.

We left commemorative cards at the exact location of the event. If you'd like to re-experience the big event, head for this location on Highway One...

Other Mel Milestones...
Day 47: 250,000 km
Day 90: 260,000 km
Day 190: 290,000 km

Mud Slide of the Day
Same Goal, Different Means...
This is Michael Kilpatrick. He's also travelling the 48 states, but he's doing it the rough way - by bike. After serving in both the army and the navy, Michael developed a love for travel and decided to see every bit of this country, all from the seat of his recumbant bike (complete with windshield). We've got to hand it to him, his trip makes ours look like a trip to the 7-11.

Daily Distance: 50-60 mi
Days to Date: 204
Distance to Date: 10,830 mi
Final Goal: USA on $1 a Day

Check out Michael's Route!
Seven days to go!

External Beauty, Internal Discomfort
March 7 - The photos we've chosen really show you what we've seen as we've glided along Highway One. This visual feast for the eyes was damped only by the discomfort caused by the narrow winding roads of the coast.

Who would have guessed that America tailored its coastal roads after the libres in Mexico?

As the signs says, there's no going back. We wouldn't have it any other way, queasiness and all.

Overwhelmed by the beauty of it all...

Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Highway One, CA

Next Stop: Redwood N.P.

see the full map...

Today's Weather:
So windy that Mel was almost blown into the ocean

Daily Stats
Gas: $29.00

Sea Sickness:
Pulled Over: 5 Times
Nearly Puked:Once
Actually Puked: Never

Sleeping Quarters
Westland Union S.P.

Site closest to the ocean. We see the storm clouds rolling in, but we're ignoring them. We've avoided rain so far in this tent (that's tent #3) and so we have no idea what may happen should we get hit by a spring storm so close to sea...

Cost: $7.00

Noah's Bagels
Berkeley, CA
K's Order:Cracked Pepper Bagel with Sun Dried Tomato Schmear
A's Order:Cheese Bagel with Jalepeno Schmear
On The Road
Highway One
Shared:Jerry's Jubilee Ice Cream

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