day 199
seattle, washington

"I find it rather appropriate that our last dinner of this trip is
at a place called Cafe Bizzarro." -k.
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Down Where It's Wetter, Under The Sea:
Attraction: Space Needle
Height: 520 ft
View: 360 degrees
Cost: $11.00
Parking: $5.00
Gift Shop: Classy

Claim to Fame: The Space Needle is one of the keenest attractions in Seattle. In fact, it may be the only attraction in Seattle. That, and the 300 foot animatronic Kurt Cobain welcoming you to the waterfront.

Brush With Godliness
of the Day

(The Sam Clark Movie Experience)

The Search For
Mara Friedman:

On Day 175, we told you the story of our trip to Seattle four years ago, mostly about the bad parts. Mara Friedman was one of the good bits we left out.

Aimee interviewed at while in Seattle, and there she met Mara. She thought Aimee was so cool, that she took it upon herself to show us around Seattle, lend us sleeping gear for the hostel, take us out for dinner, and give us a ride to the bus station on the night we left.

Then, she called her parents in L.A. and told them to let us stay with them. Can you beat that? Not a chance! Her sister made us dinner, her parents gave us their house for a week... it was awesome!

So, four years later, we end up back in Seattle, and see if she's still around. After all, when last we met, we were a couple of penniless, naive Canadians looking for adventure and living in squalor, and now... um, yeah.

Did we find her? Sort of. We found three M. Friedmans in the book, left a message on a machine with a name that sounded like Mara. We'll see what happens...

The Light, The Heat,
I Am Complete...

I may not know art, but I know what I like. But is it a kindergarten finger painting, a Jackson Pollock, or signature graffiti from the Northside G-Dawgs? Actually, it's something else entirely...

Tell us what it really is!

One day to go!

We'll Have Coffee, We'll Talk
March 13 - Perhaps Aimee should be the one to talk about coffee, being the one between us with the closest thing to an addiction. Oh yes, even she gets the ol' coffee jitters like the rest of the working world, needing a perk to perk up.

I, on the other hand, am more of a "social drinker". I don't use it to wake up: cereal with four heaping spoons of sugar accomplishes that nicely. No, caffiene doesn't seem to affect me like it does other people. Maybe I'm just high on life! Wheeeee!

You're right, it's probably the sugar, too.

But coffee, being the international language of business, is definitely a taste worth acquiring, even if it isn't necessary for bright-eye-bushy-tailness. Everyone's got coffee, every country, every office, and practically every household. It's usually the cheapest drink on the menu, and the refills are always free. At a meeting, it's always offered. You might get a free cup at a tourist bureau, just for popping in to say hi. It's worth acquiring the taste, if only for economical reasons.

Most of the time, anyway. For every free coffee you can find me, I can find you someone willing to pay $5.85 for it. Especially in Seattle. There's a coffee sucker born every minute in this town.

Pick any street, intersection, and time of day in Seattle, and guaranteed, you can't throw a packet of non-dairy creamer without hitting a business lackey carrying an overpriced double-cupped takeout latte. Everyone's got them; cellphone in one hand, coffee in the other. Sometimes there's even a cigarette in there somewhere.

And how good are these special coffees? Are they worth the cash they're shelling out daily, for simply a cup of hot water filtered through beans? We set out to compare fancy to frugal.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find any cheap coffee anywhere. So, here are the fancy ones...

Coffee #1: Marista's Coffee
Time: 10:20 am
Location: Near SeaTac Mall
Beans: Tully's
Price: $1.90

This coffee was pretty tasty! It looks like Tully's beans are roasted right here in Seattle next to the I-5, and though we've never heard of them, they roast a mean bean. It was a little sweet, so maybe we'll tone down the sugar next time.
Coffee #2: Seattle's Best Coffee
Time: 11:45 am
Location: Seattle Center Food Court
Beans: Seattle's Best
Price: $1.64

Ugh. Seems like the House Coffee today was cinnamon, and they neglected to tell us before putting the shot of vanilla in. The price was good, but the taste didn't measure up (our feelings toward certain Canadian SBC vendors didn't help our stomachs either).
Overall Rating: Overall Rating:
Point to Ponder: If coffee is made from beans, does that make it a vegetable?
Coffee #3: Seattle Cafe
Time: 3:15 pm
Location: Between Waterfront and 1st Ave
Beans: Unknown
Price: $1.85

You can't go wrong when you get 20 minutes of free Internet with the purchase of a coffee. The coffee itself was nice, flavourful, aromatic and had a wonderful bouquet, whatever that means. It was also served in a cute cup, instead of a takeout sipper.
Coffee #4: Barnes and Noble
Time: 7:05 pm
Location: Southcenter Mall Complex
Beans: Starbucks
Price: $1.90

Though it may be the preferred American choice when it comes to beans, to us Starbucks has always tasted like gas station coffee that's been brewing since the previous evening. It also didn't help being the fourth coffee of the day, but, well, sucks to be Starbucks I guess. All in all, not bad, but not fabulous either.
Overall Rating: Overall Rating:

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Sleeping Quarters
China Wok Motel

Room 33. Actually, it may have just been called "Motel", but it was right next to the China Wok restaurant. Regardless, a classy place. The rain finally got the better of us, so we're bunking down inside tonight. Besides, for our last night in the States, I think we owe it to ourselves.

Cost: $41.95

Near SeaTac Mall
Split:12 oz. Coffee
Thai Food
Seattle Center
Split:Curry Basil Chicken, Jasmine Rice, Egg Rolls
Ivar's Fish Bar
Seattle Waterfront
Split:Clam Chowder, Fish & Chips
Cafe Bizzarro
307 46th, Seattle
Appetizer:Tomato & Basil Bruchetta
K's Order:Sundried Tomato Mezzaluna
A's Order:Butternut Squash Gnocchi, Merlot

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