day 60
hot springs, arkansas

"Do you have any springs without hotels built on top of them?" -a.
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Movin' On Up:
Bill Clinton's Homes

Birthplace: Pine Bluff
Boyhood Home: Hot Springs
Official First: Gov's Mansion
Official Last: White House

Claim to Fame: Amazingly enough, this small town has two claims to fame. The first is of course the hot springs. The second is that this is the boyhood home of Bill Clinton. Hmmm. Hot water and Bill Clinton. They seem to go together.

Cowardly Escape of the Day
The Natural Bridge
of Arkansas
Only Canadians would feel so badly about skipping a hick tourist attraction that they'd pretend to go to the car to get a sweater and then peel out of the parking lot. We just didn't want to hurt the old guy's feelings.
Go Nuts for Donuts:
They Say: The Greatest Name in Donuts
We Say: The Mediocre Name in Donuts
Happy Birthday Mom! It's Aimee's Mom's 60th!
Email her and say Happy Birthday.

Just Say Neigh
Oct 25 - Which would you rather do? Spend three more hours in Mel driving through Arkansas with cows on your left and cows on your right or would you stop in a cute little town which just happens to have about 6 different stables for horseback riding within 5 minutes drive?

For us, the choice was clear. New Orleans could wait one more day while our weary bones took a break and enjoyed the Ozarks. We headed up to Panther Valley Ranch and slapped down our $15 bucks each.

Our guide was a tried and true cowboy named Jared who leapt over the fence to take our money and then leapt back to get us saddled up with the appropriate horses. My horse's name: Grey. A very large beautiful white stallion. Kevin's horse: Red. A kind-hearted brownish horse. As you can see, Jared must have known that I have a natural affinity for horses and therefore gave me the stronger-willed beast. Or he just knew I was a sucker for the white one. Chicks dig the white.

What's with the Water?
Can you figure out why there is a baggie of water hanging from the door of this Dunkin Donuts? The first correct response will win a dandy prize*!

Email us your guess!

*We promise it won't be a baggie of water. But we can't promise the actual prize will be better than a baggie of water.
Once we foolishly climbed onto the horses, we were off like a flash. Well, more like a snail. Jared wouldn't let us open 'em up to test their horsepower one bit, even though we'd signed the piece of paper that pretty much gave him permission to kill us. We spent a leisurely hour walking with the horses up and down the mountain. Average speed: about 2 miles per hour. At one point, Red sped up to a brisk 6 mph when he tried to sidestep a turtle, and another time he pinned Kev's leg into a tree. But those were the most exciting parts of the journey.

Now, you shouldn't be getting the impression that we didn't have a wonderful time on the horses. Just being around horses makes me giddy, if you remember our time on Assateague Island. So I was grinning like a banshee the whole time.

I think it's just that we wanted to speed up a little on the day we chose to slow down.

horsin' around...

Two Arses

Planning the Escape

He's a Natural!

Life is good.
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my guess for the baggie of water is it keeps moisture in the air and prevents the donuts from drying out.
- Dan, Thunder Bay ON

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Current Location
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Hot Springs, AR

Next Stop: Jackson, MS

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Today's Weather:
Perfect Day for a Ride

Daily Stats
Kev's Horse:Red
Aim's Horse:Grey
Length of Ride:1 Hour

Sleeping Quarters
Hot Springs National Park

Site 21. We were too busy enjoying the town of Hot Springs to really pay much attention to the campsite.

Cost: $10.00

Country Breakfast
Route 65
K's Order:Two eggs, pork chop, grits, toast
A's Order:Biscuits and Chocolate Gravy
Hot Springs
Both:All-You-Can-Eat Pizza

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