night 60
hot springs 27th annual oktoberfest!

"Zikenzaken Zikenzaken!"
"Hoy hoy hoy!"
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Entry: $8.00
American Beer: $3.00
Imported Beer: $3.75
Black Forest Cake: $3.75
Pretzels: $1.50
Bratwurst: $3.50
Heartburn: Priceless

Claim to Fame: All You Can Drink Beer for All You Can Pay.

Maalox Moment of the Night
Danced to:
1. Liechtensteiner Polka
2. Eidelweiss
3. Too Fat Polka
4. Grand March
5. Mexican Hat Dance (?)
6. Chicken Dance
7. A really long one during the news broadcast.

Fun Up The Wazoo
Oct 25 - Should we go? Shouldn't we go? Should we go? Shouldn't we go? We were pretty tired. Sixty days of travelling will do that to you. Besides, when you're camping, you're used to going to bed with the sun, and in the winter that's pretty early.

But we went, and what a blast. There's nothing quite like being 25 in a crowd of 60 year olds, especially when you're all polka-ing to an Oompah band in Western Arkansas.

After participating in the Grand March, shouting "Hoy Hoy Hoy" a number of times, sampling the German-like American beer and helping Channel 4 Newscasters win the Pretzel Making Contest, we were much more tired than when we arrived, but a good deal smilier. After all, if we hadn't gone, we might not have have the pleasure of chatting with this lovely lady...

Meet Miss Arkansas!
Since June, 2001.

Attitude: Very friendly
Frame: Tiny
Future Plans: Ph.D Medicine, possibly family practice
School: 3rd year college, taking a year of while Miss Arkansas
Talent: Tap Dancing, to a Michael Jackson tune.

What does it mean to be Miss Arkansas? You basically become a spokesperson of the state of Arkansas. Promoting tourism, public events, lots of public appearances like this one.
What's the Miss America competition like? It's a little scary. I mean, I was wearing my swimsuit, and they chose that moment to tell me that 15 million people were watching.
How long did you prepare for Miss America? We started practicing for Miss America about 4 weeks before the actual show. We were in Atlantic City on September 11, and the whole production went into lockdown. We couldn't go to the ladies room without an armed guard. It was pretty scary.
What's the best thing about being Miss Arkansas? I love touring around and meeting all the people. I'm really enjoying the spokeperson side of the job. And it's a job alright.
And the worst? No privacy.

Oh yeah. What's your real name? Jessie Ward.

those crazy germans...

Blinded by Black Forest Cake

Pretzel or Poo?

Play that Saw there, Scotty

Party on, Gunther.
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Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Hot Springs Convention Center

Next Stop: Mississippi

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Tonight's Weather:

Bier Garden
Back Left Corner, Convention Center
K's Order:Black Forest Cake
A's Order:Amberbock
Note: We didn't hear about Oktoberfest until AFTER we'd left the All You Can Eat pizza place at 4:00. Otherwise, we would have been all over the bratwurst.

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