day 77
miami, florida

"There's a high level of liquid in this pool that is neither
water nor chlorine." -k.
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Inappropriately Dressed Adolescent Girls: 42%
Their Inappropriately Dressed Moms: 39%
Their Inappropriately Dressed Grandmas: 17%
Wearing Something Tasteful: 2%

Men Who Think They Look Good With Their Shirts Off: 92%
Men Who Do Look Good With Their Shirts Off: 8%
Women Who Look Good With Their Shirts Off: 100%

Fake: 37%
Real: 57%
Undecided: 6%
Exposed at the Beach: 3%

Claim to Fame...
Home town of Vanilla Ice and temporary residence of Elian Gonzales.

Wedgie Pick of the Day
The block was dead, yo,
So I continued to

Beach Front Avenue!

Nov 11 - See those vans? Guess who's in 'em! Give up? It's *NSYNC!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! They're so hot! Lance is my most faaaaavourite one!

Somehow we got caught up in their entourage on the 595 on the way to their free concert on Miami Beach. They had a police escort and everything! Wowie Kazowie!

Wait a sec. I don't even like *NSYNC. I'm starting this page over.

Life's a Beach
Nov 11 - There, that's better. I mean, that wasn't even an exciting picture. For a time, we considered rear-ending their van, and shouting "Backstreet Boys Rule" and driving away, but we didn't want to hurt Britney Spears in case she was in there too.

Anyhoo, we can't really say that today was all that eventful. Just another day at the beach, really. We played a rousing game of "Real or Fake?", which is a perfect timepasser on a beach, especially in South Florida. We read our books, swam in the ocean, played Dodge The Broken Glass. You know, typical beach fun.

The highlight of the day had to be calling my brother. The conversation went something like this...

Chris: [blah blah half hour of chit chat about his ex-girlfriends].
Kevin: Uh huh.
Chris: So what are you up to?
Kevin: Oh, you know, just hanging out on a topless beach in South Florida.
Chris: Wha? Topless beach?
Kevin: Yep.
Chris: You're jokin'.
Kevin: Nope.
Chris: You're really at a topless beach?
Kevin: Yep.
Chris: Aw, jeez. Well, so what big deal. I can see topless women any time I want.
Kevin: Yeah, but I don't have to pay for it.
Chris: Well, I didn't have to pay for it last week.
Kevin: Dude, that's just too much information.
Chris: Yeah well I didn't have to pay for it.
Kevin: Hey, here's a fun fact for you... did you know that the highest number of one night stands is statistically on Halloween Night.
Chris: (pause) That's when it was.

Then we went back to talking about his ex-girlfriends and stuff.

Hey, it was a slow day for comedy, okay? I said it was the highlight, I never said it was exciting.

Meet The Gordons
(and Skolniks, and Friends)

It's Sunday night and that means it's time for Dinner with the Gordons! This time it's at Evan's house, Bruce's younger brother (He's the one beside Bruce, back row, 2nd from the left). He's also the father of two of the little munchkins on the couch - Zack and Emy.

We were expecting some exciting family action (food fights, shocking family secrets exposed, tantrums, etc) but it ended up being a fairly tame get together of burgers and diet coke. But we'll be back for Thanksgiving and we've been promised excitement for that event. Let's hope there's a cage match!

beach bums...

Mr. & Mrs. Ford Supermodel

Save me, Pamela!

Surrounded by beauty

Hindsight is 20/20
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Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Miami Beach

Next Stop: Back to Bruce's

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Today's Weather:
Did I Mention Every Day is Beautiful In Florida?

Daily Stats
Distance:0 km
Gas: $0.00
Because: Bruce drove

Water: Warm
Sun: Warm
Sand: Warm
McFries: Warm

Sleeping Quarters
Still At Bruce's

Aimee made the bed, but neglected to share the foam mattress with me. I tossed and turned most of the night. Yawn. Aimee, however, had a wonderful sleep.

From Einstein's
Kevin:Sesame Bagel with EggWave Eggs
Aimee:Poppy Bagel with Butter
Bruce:Onion Bagel with Cheese
Molly:Some of Bruce's cheese
Just off Miami Beach
K's Order:Large Fries
A's Order:Large Coke
B's Order:Large Diet Coke
The Gordons
Bruce's brother's place
Kevin:Hot dog
Chicken SW
1.5 Burgers
Macaroni Salad
Aimee:2 Hot Dogs
0.5 Burgers
Macaroni Salad
Bruce:2 Hot Dogs
2 Chicken SWs

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