morning 115
harrison, nebraska

"Just when you think you're about to have a great day, a donkey jumps in front of your car." -a.
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Sioux Sundries:
Coffee: 20 cents
Toast: 40 cents
Bacon: 70 cents
French Toast: $1.40
Eggs & Hashbrowns: $1.35
Priciest Breakfast: $3.50

Claim to Fame: Home of the largest burgers in the world. Each burger is the equivalent of seven Quarter Pounders. Erp.

Queen Wasserburger
Battle of the Beef:
During the last burger-eating contest to be held in Harrison, several men from surrounding ranches competed. These were big boys, all topping the scales at over 250 lbs. The goal was to see who could finish a Coffee Burger.

They all ordered ice tea to help wash down their meat. All but one. Rancher Anderson ordered a Chocolate Malt with his.

Half the ranchers gave up after finishing half the burger. The rest after 3/4. The only one left was Anderson, who finished his without a problem. And the malt.

He ordered a strawberry sundae for desert. Needless to say, he won.

First Degree Burger
Dec 19, early morning - Once upon a time, in the faraway village of Harrison, there was a food palace named Sioux Sundries. In this palace there lived a good and wise monarch of cooking, Queen Wasserburger. Outside of Harrison, in the wider kingdom of Sioux County, there lived a gentle giant, Rancher Coffee. Many stout-hearted men were employed by Rancher Coffee, but every day the men got hungry and became very tired. The kind rancher tried everything he could to fill his hungry men, but try as he might, he couldn't satisfy them.

One day the enchanted jackelope of the Pine Ridge whispered into Rancher Coffee's ear, "Take your men to the palace of Queen Wasserburger." Rancher Coffee took his advice, and when he got there, he decreed, "Puny hamburgers will not do. Fix my hungry men the biggest and best burgers in the land."

So Queen Wasserburger did. Each burger weighed twenty-eight ounces, measured six inches across, and spilled out all over the regular-sized buns. She topped them off with onion, pickle, lettuce, cheese, mustard, and catsup... and a bag of cholesterol-free chips.

Rancher Coffee and his men ate and ate, but they were unable to finish the huge burgers. They thanked the queen and walked out filled with renewed energy. From that time forward Rancher Coffee brought his men back to the palace every day to enjoy the giant burgers. News spread across the land, and the palace became famous for its giant "Coffee Burger." Rancher Coffee, the hard-working men, and Queen Wasserburger lived happily ever after.

The story is real. The people are real.

The burger is real.

scenes of sioux...

Drinking coffee, dreaming of Coffeeburger

Part of your complete breakfast

The prices haven't changed since the interior

An equal opportunity enforcer
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Harrison, NE

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Daily Stats
On the Road:6:45am
In Harrison:6:55am
Left Harrison:8:15am

Mel:Started Fine
Us:Not So Lucky

Sioux Sundries
K's Order:Toast, Eggs, Coffee
A's Order:Bacon, Hashbrowns, Toast, Coffee

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