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from the big goose to terry fox

"Maybe tomorrow, I'll wanna settle down... until tomorrow I'll just keep movin' on..." -Littlest Hobo
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T.Bay TidBits:
Population: 120,000
Night Clubs: 4
Strip Clubs: 4
Libraries: 4
Murders/Year: 4

Claim to Fame:
Bambi Bambenik - an American police officer, stripper, and murderer - escaped from jail and hid out in Thunder Bay for 5 years before getting caught, thanks to the TV show "America's Most Wanted".

50 Things to See in Thunder Bay*:
*not necessarily 'Top 50'

1.   The Hoito
2.   Terry Fox Lookout
3.   Sleeping Giant
4.   West Hotel
5.   Coyotes
6.   Intercity Mall
7.   Great NorthWest Coffee
8.   The Power Center
9.   Cash Converters
10. Mario's Bowl
11. The Marina
12. Golf Dome (aka. Pimple)
13. Grain Elevators
14. Baywash
15. Court St. Cafe
16. George's Market
17. Centerfolds
18. Love Bug
19. Fanny's Fabrics
20. Persian Man
21. Lakehead University
22. Confederation College
23. Robin's Donuts
24. The Prospector
25. Try Em Auto
26. TB Charity Casino
27. The Calabria
28. Community Auditorium
29. Canada Games Complex
30. Folino's
31. Lakehead Monument
32. The Blue Parrot
33. Centennial Park
34. Boulevard Lake
35. Copacabana
36. Greek Fries on Hodder
37. Hillcrest Park
38. The Pagoda
39. The Hideous Overpass
40. Magnus Theatre
41. Psychiatric Hospital
42. Silver City
43. Grandview Mall
44. Bunny's
45. Club 333 (Triple Tree)
46. Simpson Street
47. Bev Porters
48. Court House
49. Train Station
50. The Fruit Stand
Q. What is a Persian?
a. A person of Middle
   Eastern descent
b. A fluffy cat that eats Fancy
c. A rug for a small
d. A cinnamon roll with
   raspberry icing

Click here for the answer!

Oh Canada!
July 10/Aug 11 - Okay okay. So we've been slack in updating the site. It's been a busy month.

How much can we pack into one visit? Two weddings, one bridal shower, two bachelorette parties, one rehersal dinner, a camping weekend in Geralton, strawberry picking, a week-long stint as a counsellor at kids camp, blueberry picking, the Silverman triathalon, numerous movie-and-junk-food nights, and about 50 steak dinners in 30 days. And people say there's nothing to do in Thunder Bay.

Week 1
We made the trip from Ottawa to Geraldton in a day, Geraldton being a great place to stop since our friend Dean was stationed there as a firefighter. Yay! We get to see Deaners! Unfortunately, he was in Thunder Bay when we showed up. So we broke in anyway and slept there.

Evening Entertainment in Th.Bay:
1. Play pool at Fat Cats, order Sampler Platter, get Slurpee, go to Mike's and play Mario Kart.
2. Go to East Side Mario's, play NTN, order Sampler Platter, get Slurpee, go to Mike's and play Mario Kart.
3. Rent a movie at Blockbuster, watch it at Mike's, when movie is over, play Mario Kart.
The first week back in Thunder Bay was a fast paced whirlwind of back-in-Thunder-Bay-ness. We visited all of our old haunts and, um, visited more of our old haunts. It was very easy to fall back into the lifestyle there: plenty of BBQs and rented movies. We gained about 20 pounds each.

Week 2 : Kevin's Log
Camp Week! As always, camp was an absolute blast. It was great to have the old crew back together: Colin, Ryley, Christie, Sammy, Kimmy, Blair, Jamie and Jaime. I had the funniest group of kids a counsellor could ask for, with their stellar performances of God the Chair, God the Broom, God the Toothbrush, and of course, Stupid Stu.
Highlight of the Week: The Camp Medley on Talent Night. Who woulda thought I'm Too Sexy & Enter Sandman would mix so well?
    Week 2 : Aimee's Log
What a week! There's nothing like watching your old friends get drunk and do the Macarena with each other (Ken, I hope everything works out between you and Dave's mom). Congratulations go to Angie & Dave and Margot & Mike for getting hitched. As my dad would say: another one bites the dust.
Lowlight of the week: Double-Dinners. Normally I don't even eat dinner. I can't believe I went from two square meals a day to four. Social eating at its best.

Week 3 and 4
After the mad rush of weddings, there wasn't much else to do for the next little while but hang out. We spent a wild night out at Dean's camp, consisting of 4 or 5 hours of lake swimming, more BBQ steaks, drinking wine coolers and a risky game of Truth or Truth. Party animals we are.

There's no plates like home...
   ...there's no plates like home...
We spent the weekdays running errands... Selling old storage stuff, making drops to the Salvation Army, and even a trip to the Dump was in order (see the bears below). Mel the Jeep was safetied ($1100 later), and has brand new Ontario plates. He's a Canadian citizen again!

The August long weekend was spend out at Kevin's parents' camp on Silver Islet, the purtiest little ol' mining cabin you ever did see. We had a dinosaur dig with Aimee's nephews, took a long walk to Middlebrun Bay with Danny and Heather, and played Sauna Charades with the Camp Duncan Gang. Party animals we are. Oh wait, I said that already. Well, shut up. If you've never played sauna charades you have no stinkin' opinion.

the wildlife...

Dan, the master of thought

Colin, the master of alcohol tolerance

Jena, the master of Mike

The old gang, sans Dean

the nephews...


He Bites

He Bites Bigger

He Bites Biggest
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We've got mail...

You guys are out of control! There's more content here than at scifi! ;)
- Missy, New York NY

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Current Location
Thunder Bay, ON

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July Weather:

Thunder Bay Stats

Food Consumed...
Bags of Chips:9

Mullets Spotted:54
Lake Swims Taken:5
Hookers:Don't Ask

Little Known Facts:
  • Rick Smith of Th.Bay was the first person in North America to interview the Beatles. And look where it got him.
  • Al Capone hid out in Th.Bay to escape imprisonment.
  • Birthplace of Letterman sidekick Paul Schaffer.

Lessons Learned

Never leave a watermelon in your car for more than a week.

You should always make sure you fit into your tent before committing yourself to 4 months of camping out in it.

You never know when your nephew is going to bite you in the ass.

Special Thanks
...to Glen Harmer of Harmer's Quality Auto Service. After a thorough pre-trip safety check, in which Glen found and fixed problems with Mel* that other mechanics were too frightened to even look for, Mel is peeling up highway like nobody's business. Thanks Glen!
*Mel is The Jeep formerly known as "The Jeep". He got his name from a combination of the words "watermelon" and "smell". Can you guess why?

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