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a good chunk of new brunswick

"There's nothin' better than small town fast food." -k.
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Hartford, NB:
Claim to Fame: Home of the longest covered bridge in the world, spanning over 1200 feet (and bracketed by over 1200 gift shops).

Now you too can experience the magic of travelling through the world's longest covered bridge! Join Kevin and Aimee as they traverse the Ninth Wonder of the World!*

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*the 8th Wonder being, of course, Andre the Giant.

Winner of the Coolest Town Name Contest:

Runners Up:
Remember Me?

I was the guy at the Ottawa Greek Festival eating something indiscernible. Did you guess what it was?

It was a Roasted Lamb Head! Only six bucks!
Here's the rest of its body.

Crappy French Highways
Aug 22 - Today was a big driving day - about 8 hours in Mel - but that doesn't mean we didn't pack it full of excitement. Like this little encounter, for instance...

It all started with the dog. We unknowingly missed the onramp to the highway, though we didn't notice at first, since the highways in Quebec are CRAP. After a few minutes of driving we found ourselves in a quaint little residential area which, however quaint, was not the highway. So we decided to do what any problem solving bped with opposable thumbs would do: turn the car around.

As we began to pull into a driveway of what seemed like an innocent farm house, we suddenly were attacked by the most vicious, the most hideous, the most ferocious abomination of doggy nature mankind has ever seen. This was a dog that would have made Cerebus cringe. Mel was so frightened that he peeled out of the driveway without completing his turn, and headed for the next farmhouse, hoping very much that it would not also be an animal testing facility, the only explanation for such a monstrocity.

We turned around in the next driveway without mishap, thank goodness. On the way back, Aimee asked me to slow down so that she could

Only known picture of Dogzilla.
snap a picture of the Beast, for no other reason than morbid fascination. I slowed to a stop as Aimee positioned the camera. Just then, a child ran out the door of the house and shouted, "Daddy!" Perhaps the father had warned his child that proof of the dog's existance could bring an end to their experiments, so the boy was to keep watch for intruders, or government officials, or the alien task force. Or perhaps the dog was the boy's daddy.

Nevertheless, we were gone. And the dog... was never heard from... ever... again. MUH HA HA HA HAAA!

There! Now that's a story to tell your grandkids around the fire. Anyway, the rest of the day went off pretty smoothly. Drove through Quebec, drove through New Brunswick, found a campground and went to bed. The end.

on the balcony...

UFO or Dirty Windshield?

Not So Grand Falls

Miss Potato Festival

Longest Covered Bridge in the World
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Current Location
Oak Bay, NB

Next Stop: Grand Manan Is.

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Pretty Nice

Daily Stats
Spent on Gas:52.01
+ Snacks:Smokey Bacon Lays and a Twizzler: $3.22
St. Hubert's:0
Postcards Mailed:3

Sleeping Quarters
Oak Bay Campground

Site # 152. They could have used our campsite in their brochure, it was so nice. The new tent is very promising (although the cold kept us up half the night). At least I can stretch my legs in it.
Cost: $16.00

Near Quebec City
Contents:Nesquick Cereal with Coffee
Chateau Frontenac
Grand Falls, NB
Contents:Pitas Stuffed with Cheese Curds and Salami, with Ice Tea
Near Fredericton, NB
Contents:Herb Pasta with Peppers and Green Onions

Note:Please note that Kevin made coffee for Aimee and had it ready for when she awoke. Aimee thinks Kev is a god.

© 2001. Kevin Beimers and Aimee Lingman. Runners up, Mr. and Miss Potato Festival.