day 104
hot coffee, mississippi

"Hey, a deer! ...or a dog! ...or...a giant bunny!" -k.
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How the Town Got It's Name:
In the early 1800's those travelling to Ellisville or Mobile would make it to the local inn to rest for the night. Levi Davis, who owned the inn, would have a pot of hot coffee and his wife baked ginger cakes. These were sold with piping hot coffee in a huge coffee pot.

Eventually a sign was erected and a big coffee pot was hung on the sign that said "Hot Coffee." It soon became custom to refer to the inn as "Hot Coffee." The inn took on the name and eventually the area surrounding the inn did the same.

Irony of the Day
We couldn't find a cup of coffee in the whole town.
Aimee's Top Coffee:
1. Nescafe Rich Blend
2. Robin's Donuts
3. Krispy Kreme
4. Tim Horton's
5. NYC Street Vendor
6. Hoito

On a day like today, there's nothing better than Hot Coffee.

Of course, it'd be nice to have some music.

We've got mail...

hey kids , its Lee your friendly support tech from IBM.
I have some suggestions for New Orleans wining and dining
1) as I mentioned before Bayona is at the top of the list--if I remember correctly the address is 430 Daphine st in the French Quarter. This has nothing to do with the fact that I used to work there. In fact, its a testament to the restaurants greatness that it survived my bumblings in the kitchen.
2) NOLA on St Louis st (also in the Quarter) doesn't suck at all, but its an Emeril restaurant, so it may be crowded and I'm not sure about the reservation situation.
3) Peristile (sp?) is also in the quarter, but I'm not exactly sure of the address. This has emerged in the last few years as one of the best in the city if not the entire South. Many of my NO friends insist that this is the very best of New Orleans.
4)Commander's Palace at the corner of Washington and Coliseum in the Garden District is definitely pricey by New Orleans standards, but utterly phenomenal (and, given the fact that you lived in NY the price will probably seem perfectly reasonable) This is the restaurant that gave birth to such great culinary talents as both Paul Prudhomme and Emeril Lagasse. Named 2 years ina row as the best restaurant in the US by Food and Wine magazine.
5) speaking of Emeril --Emeril's is (or was when I still lived in NO) one of the best in the country, but good luck getting a reservation.
6) The last time I was there I went to a new place called Dante's Kitchen on Dante street (imagine that) the food was incredible and, like most of the places in this list, reasonably priced. Insist on having Tara as your waitperson-she's a friend of mine and, if you mention my name, it will get you absolutely nothing.

So much for the dining part, now for the wining
1) The Napoleon House at the corner of St Louis and Chartres in the French Quarter has been described by many (myself included) as the "absulute center of the universe"--try to get a seast on the patio Its the perfect place for after dinner drinks with a very mellow atmosphere reminiscent of Europe complete with ridiculously arrogant waiters.
2) Lafittes Blacksmith Shop on Bourbon St is a great rundown dark quiet place, and I the oldest building in New Orleans, and brimming over with a certain Vampire Lestat charm if you get there early enough.
3)Anywhere the Meters are playing -check your local listings
4) Cafe Brasil, The R Bar, and DBA (not really sure of the name of the last one) are all on or near Frenchman st just outside of the quarter and just a couple of blocks seperate them all

Anyway, I hope this list is helpful, and remember, whatever you do, AVOID BOURBON ST (except for Lafittes--and some of the gay clubs in the 800 and up blocks can be a lot of fun, but don't go below 800 unless you strive to be just another tourist) I hope y'all have an incredible time!
- Lee, IBM Tech Support guy

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Cindy & Carl's

Hey! We've been here before! Same house, same friends, same crazy dinners with Cindy.

Highway 17
K's Order:Cereal
A's Order:Coffee
Cost:75 cents
Roadside BBQ
Collins, MS
K's Order:Ribs 'n Veggies
A's Order:Pork Chop 'n Veggies
Cindy & Carl's
New Orleans

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