day 105
new orleans, louisiana

"Cindy, come on. How often do I wash my clothes?" -a.
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New Orleans:
Jazz: Smooth
Daquiris: Smooth
Praline Fudge: Smooth
Attitudes: Smooth

Claim to Fame: Did you know they have Drive-thru Daquiri bars in New Orleans? Serious! They get around the open container law by leaving that little piece of sanitary paper over the straw. We're not kidding.

Forget Emeril... Here's the real celebrity restaurant of New Orleans
Attention all givers and receivers of Crap:
In a few days, you will be receiving your intended victim's name and address by email.

You are not to contact them. You are not to stalk them. You are not to harass them in any way.

You are simply to purchase a sufficiently crappy item (for a definition of good crap and bad crap, please check out the rules on
Day 89), wrap it, and ship it in time for Christmas. It will be your responsibility to get it to its destination on time, although we will send you emails on a daily basis until you go to the post office.

That is all. You will be contacted as the date approaches. is not responsible for any problems caused by the sending or receiving of gifts. Problems including, but not limited to:

- property damage,
- offensive materials,
- induced vomitting,
- odours emitted,
- mail stoppage

And please please please... don't send any white powder. That ain't funny.

Crappy Gifts Available Here!

And now, we proudly present the participants of...
The Crappy Gift Exchange!

Thunder Bay, Ontario

New York, NY

New York, NY

Stratford, Ontario

Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Campbells
Ottawa, Ontario

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Jan & Len (No photos)
Thunder Bay, Ontario

New York, NY

Jen & Jon
Hellertown, PA

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Michael & Idana
New York, NY

Cliff (No photo)
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Frank & Susan
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Jeff & Vilma
Big Pine Key, Conch Republic

Calgary, Alberta

Jena & Mike
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Stasia & Gary
(No photo)

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Don't Forget Kevin!
We'll let you know

Or Aimee!
We'll let you know

Sorry, boys and girls. Entry is closed, but we did manage to squeak in a few last minute signups...

Brooklyn, NY

Memphis, TN

Wendy (No photo)
Toronto, ON

Jeff (No photo)
New York, NY

Heather & Adam
(Adam Inset)

Riverdale, NY

We've got mail...

Does Alissa know that she looks just like Anne of Green Gables?
- Frank, Thunder Bay ON

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Current Location
(get out your push pins)

New Orleans, LA

Next Stop: Baton Rouge, LA

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Today's Weather:
Hinting At Rain All Day

Daily Stats
Ferry to NO::15, :45
Ferry from NO::00, :30

Sleeping Quarters
Cindy & Carl's

Another fine sleep in a comfy comfy bed. Not looking forward to going back out into the cold tent.

The Dining Room
Kevin:Special K Red Berries
Highway 10 Service Road
K's Order:Big Buford
A's Order:Big Chicken
The Dining Room
All:Chicken Breast, Rice, Carrots

Crappy Gifts Available Here!
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