three days later...
we sell mel!

"No, no. I don't want to cancel the ad. I just
want to change it to advertise my website."
- Kevin, to newspaper.
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A Car For Every Season!

Winter's Chill!

Springs Through The Puddles!

Cools You Down In Summer's Heat!

Leaves Autumn

Loves Spending Time Indoors!

Loves Spending Time Outdoors!

Friend To The Animal Kingdom!

Loves A
Good Ol' Cookout!

Makes A
Great Friend!

Mog of the Day


We've reached the end of our trip, and as most of you know, we're flying away to the land down under for the next leg of our travels. Unfortunately, since Mel was unable to get a passport and didn't have all of his shots, he had to remain behind.

Roses are red,
Violets are smelly,
We hope that Rick will be
A good friend to Melly.

This is Rick. Rick's a car guy. He's going to fix Mel up and take him to Alberta for some heavy duty Mel style offroading. Rick's going to take Mel where a real jeep is supposed to go... Forget the highways; He wants the Canadian Outback! Mel's in good hands.

Yup, we've had our ups and downs, our ins and outs, but one thing has been constant throughout this entire trip: Mel. Mel's been dependable, responsible, rugged, tough, lean, mean, and one hell of a friend. How does one pay tribute to a car like this?

One can't. All one can do is remember the times one had. Like this time...

Hahahaha!! That picture gets me every time. There's nothing funnier than a monkey eating your rear windshield wiper!

So, if you've got any parting words to say to our pal Mel (a.k.a. Smelly Melly), you can send him your tribute below. And remember:
Mel loves you too.

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We've got mail...

We will have him!!! can he have a pet passport?????????????
- Mikki, England

Oh no! Selling Mel! You have done a good job of giving Mel a's like you are selling a member of the family.
How about having him bronzed instead.
- Frank & Susan, Morelia MX

No! No! Not Mel! Oh the pain, oh the horror. How will we live without him?
- Colin, Thunder Bay ON

We believe that Mel should be inducted into the Smithsonian for all Americans to gaze upon with wonder and awe. There is no price that could truly represent the value of her. She has travelled farther and harder than most settlers when they first arrived on American soil. Of course, she cannot communicate her travels, so we think that next to her should be a continuously running slide show of her adventures over the vast countryside, narrated by Leonard (did I spell that right?)Nimoy or Alec Baldwin ( He narrates alot of the Thomas the Tank Engine stories that our boys watch 24-7) A day to day account of the journey....I think you get the idea.:) Mel should be able to retire in style and comfort. If votes are what she needs to get in then start the tally here and now!
- Karen & Donnie, Ottawa ON

Kevin I must sincerly apologise for refering to Mel as HER. You love that vehicle soooo much you can understand my confusion, shock and horror when I read on your "who the hell are K&A' page that Mel is a HE. Funny, I never once considered Mel anything but a she the way Kev raves on. I'M SORRY KEV!!!!!
Aimee, I really think you can stop laughing now.
Apologetic in Ottawa
- Karen & Donnie, Ottawa ON

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Mel's [Miles]
KM leaving NY:233,953.2
KM entering ME:241,188.3
KM leaving WA:293,715.0
KM when sold:293,297.8
For Americans:183,311mi

Tire Changes:6
Jump Starts:1

Hwy Breakdowns:0
Keys Locked In:0
Ran Outta Gas:0

Sleeping Quarters
Audrey & Marcia's

Thank goodness Kev's got some cousins here in B.C. who are nice enough to let us set up camp here for a while. We've turned their little home into a mess of wires, cables and dirty dishes. But hey, we cook. That's a pretty fair deal.

Sell Sell Sell!
Mel's not the only thing on the auction block... We took one load of stuff to the Salvation Army, and another load to Sports Junkies. Flip at Junkies assessed our worth at $75. That's for:

  - Two Sleeping Bags
  - Two Tennis Racquets
  - A Propane Stove
  - A Battery Lantern
  - A Cooler
  - A Foam Pad
  - An Ice Bucket

Thanks, dudes!

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