day 66

"Hey Tupperware Man!"
- Clueless Drunk
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Beginner's Bourbon:
Daquiri Bars: 12
Scantily Clad Women: 89
Scantily Clad Men: 6
Scantily Clad Men Dressed as Women: About 56, but some of them could have been really ugly women.

Claim to Fame: Throw some beads at a girl and she flashes her goods. How much more of a claim to fame could you want?

If my friends could see me now...
Carl's got his...

Louisiana ID
Kevin is a...

Handi Snack
Cindy's a model...

Crazy Clown
Aim's ready with...

Hamburger Helper

Nightmare on Bourbon Street
Oct 31 - Blah! Welcome to the scariest night of the year, the festival of ghosts, ghouls, goblins and food related pop culture. The only thing that could have made it more scary would be if we had spent it in Detroit.

If you think Halloween's just about putting on costumes, you're wrong. Dead wrong. It's actually about making costumes.

We love Halloween. We've usually got our costume ideas picked out by July, but, being us, we leave any type of construction until the night before. A regular Halloween ritual for us is to go out on the night of the 30th, and buy all the paper and plastic and tape and material we need, and assemble the costume all afternoon on the 31st. Now that's scary!

Preparing for Halloween Night
Unlike other years, this year it only took us about 12 hours to make our costumes.
It doesn't always work. Two years ago, Kev had decided he was going to be a Transformer. He was going to build boxy arms and legs with fake wheels, and make the costume so that when he crouched down he looked like a car. He realized he couldn't exactly do that in a day, so he went as the Magritte painting of the guy in the bowler hat with the apple in front of his face. Still, a one day success.

But this year, we've got the right stuff. Food related pop culture is in, and easy to make. Hold onto your pointy Halloween hats, because here comes Hamburger Helper and Handi Snack.

This year, we're all dressed up and got somewhere to go: Bourbon Street, New Orleans. We've hit the bullseye of Halloween celebrations. You want crazies? They've got crazies. It's the only place in America you can walk down the street dressed as a giant Cheese & Crackers and nobody notices.

Bourbon Street? This place is weird with a capital ASS. If you've ever been here you'll know what we're talking about... For starters, everybody is drinking, even in the street. The whole street is one huge bar (mind you, this is the land of the Drive-Thru Daquiri). Next, above each bar is a balcony, some that belong to the bar, some that are probably way-way-expensive apartments. The people on the balconies just stand there all night with beads trying to get women to flash them. Even the women. Then, to top it off, the whole east end is the gay quarter (not that there's anything wrong with that), which I'm sure adds a whole other angle to Halloween night if you're there to score with chicks.

But we had a blast. Even just walking around, it's a prime spot for people watching. See for yourself.

this is your brain on bourbon...
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Wanna make your own Cheese n' Crackers costume? Here's how!

What you'll need:
A big transparent storage bin, a little transparent storage bin, an eggshell mattress, an eggshell pillow, red posterboard, a black marker, an exacto knife and some tape. All of this can be purchased at Wal*Mart, your source for cheap plastic shit.
1. The Body
Cut out the big bin as shown: a hole for the head and each arm, and a big wedge cut out for the legs so you can walk. Put tape over the sharp edges so as not to bleed all evening.
2. The Head
Cut out a chunk for your neck (tape edges). Cut the pillow to fit into the bin, then cut a circle for your face.
3a. The Crackers
Cut the foam mattress into quarters. Tape one into the back of the big bin, like the bottom cracker in the pack.
3b. Crackers
Draw dots on one of the quarters to make it look like a cracker. This is the front cracker.
4. Assembly
Stick your head and arms through the holes in the cracker bin. Tape (or pin) the front cracker to you. Next, stick your face through the cheese foam, and wedge it into the cheese bin to keep in place.
Bango! You're Cheese and Crackers!

Don't forget your little red stick!
(That's what the posterboard's for!)

Current Location
(before the cops arrive)

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Next Stop: Disneyworld!

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Tonight's Weather:
Eerily Nice

Trick or Treat
Candy Bought:200 Pcs
Trick or Treaters:12
Candy Left:188
Days to Eat:364


Bourbon Street
The Big Easy
Carl's:Mango Daquiri
Aim's:Amita Beer

Decked Out Dinner
Before we went out, we enjoyed a formal meal at the Gibbon's Estate. Cindy was a little overdressed, but we pretended not to notice.
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