time for a break!

"I can't wait to get to Cindy's and take a vacation from our vacation." -a.
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Trip Favourites:
Fav Big City: Washington DC
Fav Small Town: Jaffrey, NH
Fav Tour: Ben & Jerry's, VT
Fav Museum: Spam (MN)

Favourite Claim to Fame:
It's got to be the Ball of Twine on Day 48. Count us in for the yearly Twine Festival in a year or two.

Of The Day

A's Favourite Days:

1. Day 38, Assateague MD
2. 2 Days, Grand Manan NB
3. Day 14, Cape Cod MA
4. Day 8, Guilford VT
5. Day 60, Hot Springs AR

K's Favourite Days:
1. Day 1, Eastport ME
2. Day 43, Punxsutawney PA
3. Day 38, Assateague MD
4. Night 34, Lambertville NJ
5. Day 49, Minneapolis MN

Best:Day 6, 7, 8
The Rusty Bucket
Jaffrey, NH
Worst:Day 50
Homer Donut O's
Ann Lake, MN
Best:Day 54
Cajun Connection
Starved Rock, IL
Worst:Day 5
George's Diner
Meredith, NH
Best:Day 3
Thurston's Lobster Pd.
Bar Harbor, ME
Worst:Day 44
Taco Bell
Canton, MI

62 Days & 24 States Later...
We're pooped! We're going to huddle up in New Orleans for a few days and chill for a bit. We'll be back after Hallowe'en!

State Capitals:

Concord, NH
Montpelier, VT
Albany, NY
Boston, MA
Providence, RI
Trenton, NJ
Dover, DE
Harrisburg, PA
St. Paul, MN
Indianapolis, IN
Little Rock, AR
Jackson, MS
Major Cities:

Boston, MA
New York, NY
Philidelphia, PA
Washington, DC
Baltimore, MD
Pittsburgh, PA
Cleveland, OH
Detroit, MI
Minne/St. Paul, MN
Chicago, IL
Indianapolis, IN
St. Louis, MO
New Orleans, LA
National Parks:

Acadia NP, ME
White Mtn NF, NH
Green Mtn NF, VT
Independence NHP, PA
Assateague NS, MD
Shenandoah NP, VA
Hiawatha NF, MI
Chippewa NF, MN
Jefferson Expansion Mem. NHS, MO
Mark Twain NF, MO
Buffalo NR, AR
Ozark NF, AR
Ouachita NF, AR
Hot Springs NP, AR

favourite photos...

Day 37: Delaware

Day 46: Birch Run

Day 43: Punxsy

Day 35: Philadelphia

Day 52: Spam

Day 49: Minneapolis

Day 11: Dino Tracks

Day 5: Fun Spot
more photos in the archive...

Current Location
(for the next few days)

New Orleans

Next Broadcast: Halloween!

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Driving Stats
Longest Day:749.6km
Shortest:0 (Aim Sick)

Total Gas: $594.25
Avg/Day: $9.74

Cheapest: S. Illinois
Station: Meijer
Cost: $1.049/gal

Priciest: Chicago
Station: Amoco (Full)
Cost: $2.199/gal

Sleeping Quarters
Assateague Ntl Seashore

Yep, the one with the wild ponies takes the cake. But, if you had to pick a few, we recommend...

Baxter SP, ME (July/Aug)
Acadia NP, ME (Late Aug)
Skyline Drive, VA (Mid Oct)
Grand Manan, NB, (Summer)

...but stay the hell away from
Winter Island, Salem, MA

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