night 180
universal city, los angeles

"Quick, switch disks in case the cops confiscate the camera and all we've got are pictures of breasts." -k.
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The Search For
Miss Universe:

Location: Universal City
Restaurants: 22
Shops: 30
Movie Screens: 18

Claim to Fame: The origin of everybody's favourite game, Cleavage Point! Play by yourself, or with a friend!

Inspirational Postcard of the Day
Booty Pageant...

This skin-tight snakeskin sequinned seductress may not have added to our point tallies, but she certainly did add to our evening's entertainment.

Leave It To Cleavage
Feb 22 - That's right, kids. This is where it all began. I'm not talking about Tony Roma's Famous Ribs, I'm not talking about IMAX, and I'm certainly not talking about Aimee's infatuation with Jeff Goldblum. No, this is the original location, the prime viewing spot and the inspiration behind a little game we like to call... Cleavage Point.

Four years ago, when the idea came to us in a flash of blinding neon light, this sign wasn't even here. It was simply a walkway, unnoticed (thank goodness) by the underpassersby. How appropriate that they decided to put this up for our return.

How do you play, you ask? You don't need to be in Universal City to play the game, although it's the perfect setting. Warm weather, an overpass, a late-teen to twenty-something crowd of bar goers and meet marketers.

Variation for Playing in Public:
Sometimes you can't just yell it out. This little addition works not only your powers of observation, but your powers of acro-ability as well...

Instead of calling out "Cleavage Point", come up with a common two-word phrase starting with the letters C.P. Then try to work them into the conversation. Your fellow players will say, "Huh? Ohhhhh..." and the point is scored.

Cheyenne Pepper
Cole Porter
Corporal Punishment
Cherry Pie
Czech President
Christmas Presents
Cinderella's Palace
Cookie Puss
Cable Package
Chocolate Pudding
The game works a little like Punchbuggy, except instead of punching you score points, and instead of looking for Volkswagens you're looking for boobs. Actually, the space between the boobs. After all, everyone has boobs, but not everyone is fashion-conscious enough to button her shirt to mask the gaping hole between them. These are your targets. See one, say "Cleavage point!" to your co-contestants, or depending on your proximity, simply, "Point!"

It usually involves a little explanation to centre out who your referring to, so the game ends up more like, "Point! Fat, white lady with the denim purse and huge hair," or "Point! Skinny chick with the Fubu 05 shirt."

The game of Cleavage Point is perfect for avid people watchers like us. It helps to be in a warm climate, though playing in Thunder Bay in January certainly makes it challenging.

Play at the mall! Play at school! Just don't get caught with a camera full of visual aids, like these babies...

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Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Los Angeles, CA

Next Stop: Hollywood Blvd

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Tonight's Weather:
High, then low, then high

Nightly Points
Aim's Score:11
Kev's Score: 8
Game Length:19 min
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Parking: $7.00
Area:Curious George

Sleeping Quarters
Malibu Creek State Park

We never expected to find a place as nice as this so close to the city. We were expecting something like our campground near Boston, which was absolute poo. Leave it to L.A. when you need something designed right.

Cost: $12.00

Tony Roma's
Universal City
K's Order:Swiss Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Coke
A's Order:Marinated Chicken Grill, Baked Potato

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