on the eleventh
day of christmas...

Kevin: "I'm not in a paying mood."
Ryan: "Well I'm not in a giving-car-back mood."
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January 2, 2002:
The place: Harmer's Auto
The man: Glen Harmer
The jeep: Mel

Let's all take a moment to empathize with Mel. He's been through a lot over these past few months. He's logged over 30,000km, he's been licked by mysterious animals, he's had to climb numerous mountains and he's even had to deal with rotting melon on two separate occassions. That's a lot for a jeep that's now 10 years old.

And now we're making him face the northern cold. In light of all of this, we thought it'd be wise if we took him in for a cold-weather tune-up at Harmer's Quality Auto Service.

We're beginning to think that Mel and Glen Harmer have some sort of side-deal going on here, because everytime we take him in, Mel gets all he wants and more!

Here's what Mel Asked for:

New Radiator
New Muffler
New Tires
PCV Tube
PCV Harness
Muffler Clamps
Hose Clamps
Oil and Hose Leak Diagnosis
Muffler Installation
Radiator Installation

As an extra-special treat, we took Mel to the Ultimate Car Wash for an ultimate car wash. Now he looks like a cherry and smells like Vanilla. And it's not even Sundae!

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Mel got surgery...

Eleven parts to order...

ten seconds 'til midnight,
nine hours of TV,
eight errands to run,
seven bags of chips,
six rounds of Kart...
Five tubbin' hotties!
Four tons of gifts,
three nephews,
two busy bees,
and a big silly guy named Dean.

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Pneumelic tires



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Thunder Bay, ON
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Today's Weather:
A tad more snow

Mel Stats
Auto Parts:$585.45
Car Wash:$18.75
Kev's Wallet:Empty

Sleeping Quarters
The Beimerses

Since it's Kev's parents' last night in town, we thought we'd spend the evening with them. Unfortunately, they thought they'd spend the evening with Larry.

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© 2002. Kevin Beimers and Aimee Lingman. Because Mel's worth it.