on the twelfth
day of christmas...

"Man, this movie's even worse. At least
the other one had tits in it." -k.
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January 3, 2002:
My parents are off on a road trip of their own. They've driven down to Morelia, Mexico for the past three years, but never like this!

Usually they speed like mad through the USA to get to the warmth as soon as humanly possible, but this time they've been inspired by our trip to see a few things along the way.

Planned Stops:
1. Minneapolis, MN
2. The Badlands, SD
3. Wall Drug, SD
4. Mt. Rushmore, SD
5. Devil's Tower, WY
6. Carhenge, NE
7. Denver, CO
8. Albuquerque, NM
9. Phoenix, AZ
10. Grand Canyon
11. Las Vegas, NV
12. Los Angeles, CA

We've been to the first six, the last six they're on their own.

January 3, later:
It's time for Ruin The Flick!

Way back on Day 78, Bruce and Aimee and I played a Blockbuster Movie Game that was so simple, we thought, "Hey, we can top this." So we invented Ruin The Flick. We played a round or two at Bruce's, honed the questions a bit throughout our travels, and finally got a chance to test it on a tough audience.

We'll tell you more about the game on the fourteenth day of Christmas. Until then, just be happy in knowing you weren't there to watch "The Dallas Connection" or "Hitman's Run". Sheesh.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, "Adios," they said to me...

Twelve hours o' driving...

eleven parts to order,
ten seconds 'til midnight,
nine hours of TV,
eight errands to run,
seven bags of chips,
six rounds of Kart...
Five tubbin' hotties!
Four tons of gifts,
three nephews,
two busy bees,
and a big silly guy named Dean.

how to get ready...

1. Scream

2. Get jacket on

3. Get shoes on

4. Pack car

how to relax...

1. Watch TV

2. Watch TV

3. Watch TV

4. Watch TV
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Ruin the Flick
Final Word:"Cheers!"

Sleeping Quarters
Aim at Inga's, Kev at Dean's

Aim went home early (as usual). Kev overstayed his welcome (as usual).

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