on the thirteenth
day of christmas...

"Excuse me for a moment, I have to
hang the bras." - Nadia.
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January 4:
Actually, it's closer to eleven weeks to go, but who's counting?

By the time this is page is online, Nadia will be on her way to Las Vegas (Mike's going too, of course)! A surprise trip planned sneakily by Mike, he went around to all the places she might have needed to be, booked her off work, and took care of everything behind the scenes. She thinks they're going to Minneapolis for the weekend, but when they get there, they're flying to Vegas for two weeks for the full package!

Speaking of gambling, before visiting Mike and Nadia we went to the Thunder Bay Charity Casino with Aimee's dad. We may not be high rollers like these guys, but we decided we may as well practice up a bit before we head to Vegas ourselves.

We went in with the budget of ten dollars apiece (as I said, we're not high rollers), and spent it all at the Piggly Wiggly Big Bang Slots. We love the Piggly Wiggly! At one point we may have been up forty bucks or so, but you know how it is; when you're playing the slots, it's not real money, so you just keep plunking it in. I mean, I won't spend 50 cents to play Mortal Kombat at the arcade, but 75 cents per slot is just a shrug of the shoulders. In the end, we were broke, but that doesn't mean we didn't have a good time. Consider it the admission price.

Vegas, here we come!

On the thirteenth day of Christmas, the Lamers' new baby...

Thirteen weeks to go,

twelve hours of driving,
eleven parts to order,
ten seconds 'til midnight,
nine hours of TV,
eight errands to run,
seven bags of chips,
six rounds of Kart...
Five tubbin' hotties!
Four tons of gifts,
three nephews,
two busy bees,
and a big silly guy named Dean.

who is mike's real wife?

Is it #1?

Or #2?

Could it be #3?

What about #4?
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We've got mail...

I like the thirteenth day of Christmass the best! But who am I to judge? Well the Vegas thing went off without a hitch.....no baby yet ...... $42 bucks on health insurance for nuthin. I know.... I know why worry about $42 bucks when you have just gambled away your baby's university money.... oh welllll.
- Mike, Thunder Bay ON

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We went to the
Spam Museum on Day 52!

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