day 154

"I can smell a government farm a mile away." - a.
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Down to Earth:
Elevation: 3649 ft
Population: 44,654
Annual Rainfall: 12"
Museums: 5
Miles to Denver: 545
Protestant Churches: 96
Newspaper: Roswell Daily Record

Claim to Fame: Unlike the sign welcoming you to their fine city, "The Dairy Capital of the Southwest", we're sure you all know why we're really here.

Anal Probe of the Day

Trust Snow One:
A Flavour for Every Species
Venus Vanilla
Lazor Lemon
Eye of Neptune
Orion Orange
Tazer Tangerine
Blue Moon
Galactic Grapefruit
Space Nut
Chubaka Cherry
Mad Martian
Green Slime
Alien Blood
Pina Comet
Galaxy Grape
Milky Way
Frozen Moo Goo
Atom Apple
Moon Dust Cloud
Dark Vader
Roswell Rush
Top 10 Spacey Days:

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Ask a Ufologist
Jan 27 - His name was Roger Florey, founder and curator of the UFO Research Center. Had he seen lights? Yes. Had he seen spheres? Yes. Spacecraft? Yes. Crop Circles? Yes. Animal Mutilations? Yes. Aliens? Perhaps. Read on to discover the mystery behind this enigmatic gent.

Birthplace: Watertown, SD
Age: 56
Studies: Mystery Lights, UFOs, Abductions, Various Other Strange Phenomena
Moved to Roswell: 4 years, 4 months ago

What sorts of things have you seen? I have had two experiences with mysterious lights, stationary lights, lights flying in formation, or hovering no more than 50 yards from the ground. Then once while hunting with my father in South Dakota, we were walking through an arroyo, and saw a silver oblong at the other end. It couldn't have been anything but a spacecraft. It hovered, flew slowly towards us, then vanished with a flash. I'm convinced that it was travelling interdimensionally.

Where are some good places to see mysterious lights? Around here, the best place is probably up on the ridge on Mossman Road. It's on private property, but it's a public road, so you're allowed to drive on it. About 30 miles west of the city, take a left on Mossman Road. Follow that road through two gates, if they're open leave them open, if they're closed, open them, go through and close them. Take a right on Baton Rouge Road, and drive until you can't see the city lights anymore. Just don't tell the ranchers I sent you. They sometimes feel like they're getting harassed.
Another popular place nearby is Marfa, Texas. It's about 2 hours south of here. One more is Big Bend National Park. Talk to the rangers.

A Visit to Jim Ragsdale's Camp
Jim Ragsdale was camped 50-100 yards from the impact site. Here's how you get there from Roswell:
1. Take Highway 246 West from the Roswell Mall.
2. Turn Left at Mile Marker 32 to Boy Scout Mountain (51 miles)
3. Drive 4 miles until you get to the Dead End. Turn around and park at the first road on your right .
4. Walk this road for about 2.5 miles. The campsite is at the intersection to the old mine road.
5. Turn away from the mine road and walk into the bush 50-100 yards. This is it! Don't forget your biosuit!
Have you met anyone from the events surrounding Roswell's conspiracy? Yes. Glen Dennis, one of the morticians in Roswell, saw one of the aliens, and on a tape, described it later to a nurse as having small, round, beady eyes. Years later, I was at a conference, and Glen stated that the aliens had the large almond-shaped eyes that we're used to seeing. So I asked him, "Haven't you switched aliens?" and he responded, "Sir, you are a very knowledgeable man."

What are some of the most interesting stories you've heard? I've met a woman from California who has experienced missing time while driving on the freeway. She somehow lost 20 minutes, and only remembers the feeling of her car returning to the road from above.
There was also a cattle rancher who couldn't figure out why his animals were being mutilated. One night, he spent the night in his pickup and watched all directions. It was absolutely dark, but he would have at least heard someone coming. In the morning, however, not 20 feet from his truck, one of his cows had been hacked to pieces. He's sure it had to have been abducted; there was no other way it could have happened without him seeing.

What about crop circles? I think crop circles are symbols left behind by aliens to mark their territory on earth, as though they're claiming parts of the planet for themselves.

Like a brand? Hmm. I'd never thought about it that way before, but that almost makes sense. They're branding their territory with their mark in order to claim it as theirs. I'll have to include that in my research.

From your point of view, how accurate is a show like the X-Files? Honestly, I haven't watched it very often, but as you could probably guess, I'd be more willing to agree with Mulder.

Any last advice to people looking for UFOs? If you want to look for UFOs, pick a spot with lots of sky, very little light, and be prepared to be there a few hours. It will take patience.

Have you had an experience you can't explain? Strange lights in the sky? Lost time? Killer bees? Waking up with the number 665 tattooed behind your ear?

Tell us about it!

We'll put it on the site, pass it onto Roger, or, heck, just send a guy in a white van over to your house!

are they real?

The Fractal

The Recycle Bin

The Scorpion

The Pot Holder

or a hoax?

Milk Crate Cryogenic Chamber

Hand Mirror Transporter Device

Foam Insulation Autopsy

First Contact Contact Lenses
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Current Location
(on or above planet surface)

Roswell, NM

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Today's Weather:
Out of this World

Skywatcher Stats

Town to Mossman:0:45
Mossman to B.R.:0:20
B.Rouge to Ridge:0:10
Time Waited:1:10
Aliens Sighted:0

Sleeping Quarters
Bottomless Lakes S.P.

We've got the answer. The bottomless lakes are not, in fact, bottomless. What a rip.

Cost: $10.00

Bottomless Lakes
K's Order:Apple Oatmeal
A's Order:Maple Oatmeal
Main St., Roswell
K's Order:Stuffed Sopapillas
A's Order:Enchiladas, Relleno, Corona
In the Jeep
Off Mossman Rd.

Sonic Phenomenon:

If you've ever been to the southern states, you know the Sonic. It's a drive in, eat-in-your-car type restaurant, like the old A&Ws. Except not nearly as appetizing.

Back in Kentucky, we pulled into a Sonic. This was back when we had decided to eat at any chain that we'd never heard of before: Rally's, Checkers, Jack In The Box, even (yeech) Whataburger. At Sonic, we looked at the menu, then promptly pulled out before ordering. It looked, in a word, gross. The signature breakfast is Pancake on a Stick, if that tells you anything.

However, Roswell NM is the first and only place we have ever seen a Sonic packed. Packed solid. Every booth, all hours of the day, both locations in town, PACKED. It's unbelieveable. It's unexplainable.

We gave it a second chance, pulled in to a free spot (we had to wait), and looked at the menu. Again, we pulled out without ordering. We couldn't do it.

Our vacated spot was taken right away. Then we noticed that the majority of vehicles were pickup trucks. Ranchers? Ranchers who had seen mysterious lights? Like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, did they have an unexplained urge to eat a Sonic No. 2 Burger whenever a voice in their head told them it was time? Do the burgers have a foreign toxin in them, causing addiction, and eventually, assimilation?

We'll never know.

© 2001. Kevin Beimers and Aimee Lingman. True as toasted toads.