day 92
the walk-off!

"What the heck does Clive Cussler have to do with any of this?" -a.
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Location #1
Savannah, GA
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The Savannah Stroll:
Cost: $13
Length: 1:45
Content: General/Architecture

Company: Savannah Walks
Guide: Dow Harris
Rating: 8/10

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Georgia Hot Ticket of the Day
Skidaway Island
Kevin:Special K Red Berries
Aimee:Apple & Cinnamon Quaker Oatmeal, Coffee
Mel the Jeep
On Route 17N
Shared:Veggies with Thousand Island Dip, Pretzels
James Island
Both:Feel Good Spaghetti!
Happy Birthday Dad!
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First Savannah...

Nov 26 -
It's always a good idea to take a walking tour when you're in a new city. Skip the bus tours (too impersonal) and don't even think about doing it on your own. This especially holds true for a city full of history, like Savannah.

You may be looking at a building that confederate soldiers hid out in or you may have just walked through the square where they filmed Forrest Gump without realizing it. This is what you need a walking tour for.

Our guide Dow walked with us through the squares of Savannah and explained why the houses were pink (Bermuda brick, made of coral, seeped through the stucco), pointed out the gutter fish (Savannah's brand of garoyles), and generally opened our eyes to the beauty that is Savannah.

One interesting tidbit we learned from Dow: Savannah is in the process of buying back parking garages and other structures built in the 70's (a decade of truly ugly architecture) because they want to turn them back into the original park squares from years ago.

Apparently, the town is learning that parkland is more profitable than parking. Reminds me of a Talking Heads song.

...Then Charleston

Nov 26, later -
"Whaddaya mean we needed to make reservations for the Charleston Walk?"
"Sorry, since nobody called an hour before, we cancelled it."
"Eck. Well, what else ya got?"
"The Civil War, or Historic Homes."
"Erm... Give us a second."

Such enthusaism we oozed. Such excited tourists we were. Neither one of us are war buffs of any sort. I've seen Gone with the Wind and that was the closest I'd ever expected to get to enjoying the Civil War. We went with the Civil War tour thanks to price alone. Lucky thing we did. It was great!

A good tour is all about the guide, and Charles is the best of the best. He's probably the only person alive that could talk for 40 minutes on the battle for Fort Sumter and hold the attention of six adults in the sweltering Charleston heat. He and maybe James Earl Jones. Maybe.

First of all, he doesn't talk about the Civil War, he lives it. He's been a history buff since he was little; his granny thinks he was a soldier in a previous life. And his Kevin Costner-from-JFK accent gave his storytelling an added flair.

Who would have thought the Civil War could be so entertaining?


more photos in the archive...

more photos in the archive...

We've got mail...

Hi yall!! This is Andrea from Charleston Walks. Charles (your tour guide in Charleston) just showed me your website and it is incredible!!! What a wonderful way to document your trip, and a great way to help people out on their travels. By the way, you are right, Charles does sound a lot like Kevin Coster in JFK. Have fun in Mexico, and as always, Don't Drink The Water!! This means Ice too, I had a friend forget that part once, he kept drinking bottled water, but with ice and couldn't figure out why he got sick!!!! : )
- Andrea, Charleston SC

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Location #2
Charleston, SC
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Charleston Civil War:
Cost: $15
Length: 2:15
Content: The Civil War

Company: Charleston Walks
Guide: Charles Hunt
Rating: 10/10

For more info on this walk, go to

South Carolina Intersection of the Day

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Sleeping Quarters
James Island County Park

Not even the Holiday Festival of Lights was enough to make us forget about the BUGS!

Cost: $14.00

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