day 93
myrtle beach

"You know, it's not every day you get Myrtle Beach to yourself." -a.
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Myrtle Madness:
The Pavilion: Closed
Aquarium: Closed
Wings Beach Wear: Closed
Bullwinkle's: Closed
Pirate Mini Golf: Closed
Mammy's Pancake & Omelet House: Open

Claim to Fame: I'll bet this place is kickin' in the summer, but it sure is dead today.

Copyright Infringement Loophole of the Day
Fast Food Franchises on a 5 Mile Stretch of Highway 17:
Arby's (2)
Burger King (2)
Dunkin Donuts
Godfather's Pizza
Hardee's (2)
Krispy Kreme (2)
Mr. Sub
Olive Garden
Papa John's
Shoney's (3)
Subway (2)
Taco Bell
Total: 27   
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Same Shit, Different Beach
Nov 27 - At one point we came up with the idea that we should play mini golf at every course we saw. We were basing our knowledge of the mini-golf density of Northern Ontario. A population of 130,000, and we've got one mini-golf. Well, two if you count Boulevard Lake, but nobody counts Boulevard Lake.

We ended up dismissing this idea, and it's a good thing we did. Otherwise, we would have been stuck in Florida (or any other beach-based tourist trap) playing Pirates Paradise Mini Golf until it was time for retirement. I tell ya, whoever is manufacturing those giant papier-mache pirate ships and selling the dye that turns water blue is making a mint. They've probably already retired to Florida.

Every seaside community we've been to is made up of four primary businesses: mini golf, all you can eat seafood, t-shirts with silly phrases on them, and Ripley's Believe It Or Not. It's the same everywhere you go, whether it's Bar Harbor, Maine or Key West, Florida.

It's great that they know their demographic, and even better for them that they do enough business in the six months of summer that they can close down for the season. We're just saying it might be nice for once to go to a beach without having to machete through the jungle of tourism.

However, we should add that it does give you a certain cozy feeling of familiarity. It's like when you enter WalMart. You could be in any city, anywhere in the world, lost and alone, broke, dirty and disease-ridden, but the second you enter a WalMart, ahhh... you're home. That's what it is. Myrtle Beach is like one big WalMart.

I'm sure the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce will be pleased to hear that.

non-pirate golf...

Home of the Three Hour Round

Lagoona Matata

Spielberg Putts Here

Hole in 5-0
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Current Location
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Myrtle Beach

Next Stop: North Carolina

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Today's Weather:
Light and Fluffy

Daily Stats
Gas: $14.00
Pancake Houses: 10
All-You-Can-Eats: 13
Mini-Golfs: 9
Beach Wear Shops: 15

Sleeping Quarters
Myrtle Beach State Park

It's got electricity. It's got water. It's got a beach. It's got trees. But best of all, it's got no other inhabitants.

Cost: $17.52

James Island
Kevin:Apple Jacks w/ Monster Paws
Aimee:Oatmeal & Coffee
Poogan's Porch
72 Queen St, Charleston
K's Order:Shrimp Creole
A's Order:VeggieWich
Myrtle Beach
Kevin:Leftover Spaghetti
Aimee:Leftover VegWich

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