day 94
northeast south carolina

"Is the park ranger legally allowed to shoot that dog?" -k.
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The Great Outside:
Main Crop: Cotton
Harvested: Weeks Ago
What's Left: Dead Plants
What's Next: Snow

Claim to Fame: We're travelling the Great Cotton Path, but there's no cotton and so it's not that great. Maybe we'll have to come back in the summer.

Kev's New Favourite Shirt
The Great Outside Redeems Itself

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Nov 28 - Our life is plagued with technical difficulties. Two days ago the battery in our laptop stopped charging. This wasn't such a big deal, because we've got a handy AC adapter so that we can plug the laptop into the cigarette lighter. Yesterday this broke down too.

You know what this does? This makes it frickin' frackin' hard to work on the site in the jeep. The battery won't charge, so we can't load it up before we hit the road and we certainly can't plug it in while we're on the road. This also means that we have to do our least favourite thing in the world: call Customer Service.

Typically, when a call like this needs to be made, we hem and haw for about a month and then eventually a discussion takes place:

"You call. They'll want to talk to you anyway." - one of us.

"No, you call. I just don't want to. Besides, you're better at it." - the other one.

"If you call, I'll do the dishes." - the smart one.

"For how many days?" - the smarter one.

The mirror came with the jeep. Honest.
In the end, one of us is up to their necks in dishes, and the other one has to try to get our money refunded or the product replaced because it seems we have the ability to break/lose/spill things on any piece of technology that comes within twenty feet of us.

In this case, because we've got to get these things replaced pronto, we'll probably only procrastinate a week or so. Which means, as I mentioned above, that I've got nothing to do during our long hours of driving. Me having nothing to do means that I'll get bored. And me getting bored means that I'll start taking photos of anything and everything.

Today's subject: Mel and the mess we make of him.

sad but true...

typical drink

typical emergency brake

typical glove compartment

typical backseat
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Current Location
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South Carolina

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Today's Weather:
Pleasant, if not Boring

Daily Stats
Gas: $0.00
Trees: Lots
Animals: None

Sleeping Quarters
Cheraw State Park

Site 12. A perfect campsite. A perfect sunset.

Cost: $13.20

Myrtle Beach
K's Order:Hashbrowns Aimee Style
Apple Jacks
A's Order:Hashbrowns Aimee Style
Krispy Kreme
N. Myrtle Beach
K's Order:Raspberry Filled, Chocolate Iced
A's Order:Original Glazed, Blueberry, Coffee
Both:Chunky Beef w/ Vegetable
Kraft Dinner

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