day 95
charlotte (or is it?)

"Why don't any of the restaurants around here have
windows?" -a.
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Three State Day:
States Covered: NC, SC, GA
Time In SC: 1.5 hrs
Time In NC: 2 hrs
Back in SC: 1.5 hrs
Time in GA: Still here

Most Exciting Part of the Ride: Watching the Inmates pick up litter on the sides of the road. These are some of the only states left that still have chain gangs.

Inspirational Anti-Drug Message of the Day

Southern Institution:
So theres Ah wuz just a-thinkin' that Ah might just go an' git m'self some good ol' fashioned down home chicken n' biscuits 'cause Ah had this big ol' hankerin' way down deep in mah stomach, see, and then we was drivin' along on ol' route 9 up n' around Charlotte and Ah sees me a Bojangle's and Ah's thinkin' mmmm golly that there Bojangles chicken n' biscuits is some mighty good chicken n' biscuits, so's Ah reckon Ah just might get you one too but Ah already ate it. A-hyuk!
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Another Day, Another Skyline
Nov 29 - We passed through Charlotte today. Why? Not sure really. We occasionally gravitate towards the orange blobs on our map just to see if population really does breed excitement.

But, what the hey. We needed to cross off North Carolina, so why not breeze through the towering monoliths that make up the skyline of North Carolina's largest city? They certainly were towering. Much bigger than we expected, actually.

"But wait!" some of you are saying, "That picture doesn't look like it has towering monoliths. Are you being sarcastic?" Nope. Not sarcastic at all. Charlotte is a huge sprawling city with some pretty big skyscrapers. "Then why do the buildings look so small?"

Because that picture is not a picture of Charlotte. It's actually Iowa City's skyline. Or is it Mobile? Could it be Jackson, Mississippi? Wilmington, Delaware?

Heh heh heh. Don't know, do ya? Let's see what you do know...

("Oh no," you say, "I smell a contest.")

name that skyline!

Skyline A

Skyline B

Skyline C

Skyline D

Skyline E
Type the letter under the skyline photo next to the appropriate city below:

1. Baltimore
2. Charlotte
3. Chicago
4. Cleveland
5. Indianapolis
6. Little Rock
7. New Orleans
8. Philidelphia
9. Pittsburg

(Click on the photos to get a better look at each city. Like that will help.)

Skyline F

Skyline G

Skyline H

Skyline I
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We've got mail...

Hi from St. Catharines, Ont. (birthplace of Susan Cavers Beimers, and other Cavers.) Toby and I have enjoyed your Road Trip, your sense of humour and adventuresome spirit. When in N. Carolina, see the North Carolina Zoological Park s. of Ashboro on Hwy 159.
- Rich & Toby Cavers, St. Catharines ON

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Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Charlotte, NC

Next Stop: Atlanta, GA

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Today's Weather:
Coulda been better

Daily Stats
Stolen Butter:2

Sleeping Quarters
Fort Yargo

Another site, another cat. The past few days, our campsites have had kitties in them. Not that we're complaining.

Cost: $13.00

Cheraw State Park
Kevin:Apples & Cinnamon Oatmeal
Aimee:Banana Bread Oatmeal
Charlotte, NC
Split:8 pc. Basket n' Biscuits
Dairy Queen
Somewhere off I-85 between Greenville & Atlanta
K's Order:Banana Split Blizzard
A's Order:Georgia Mud Slide Blizzard
Ft. Yargo State Park
Both:Leftover Chicken
Later: Oatmeal

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