day 96

"I must have peed, like, a gallon in WalMart." -a.
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World of Coca-Cola:
Location: 55 M.L.King Drive
Entry Fee: $6.00
Hours: 9-5 M-Sat, 12-6 Sun

Neon Spectacular:
Weight: 12.5 tons
Bulbs: 1,407 (25-Watt)
Neon Tubing: 1,906 ft

Claim to Fame: Welcome to The World of Coca-Cola! You are about to experience a tribute to a unique product and the consumers who have made it the world's favourite soft drink. You'll have the opportunity to discover the important place Coca-Cola occupies in the hearts of the world's consumers, to follow the soft drink as it has grown over the years and to understand why it has become the world's most recognized consumer product.

Flavour of the Day

Domestic Cokes:
Coca Cola Classic
Diet Coke
Caffiene Free Coke
Cherry Coke
Diet Sprite
Minute Maid Lemonade
Minute Maid Orange
Minute Maid Strawberry Red
Hi-C Orange
Hi-C Pink Lemonade
Barq's Cream Soda
Nestea Peach
Nestea Raspberry
Nestea Southern Style
Mello Yello
Mr. Pibb
Fanta Birch Beer
Fanta Mandarin (Germany)
Fanta Kolita (Costa Rica)
Fanta Orange (China)
Fanta Citrus (Kenya)
Fanta Tangerine (Morocco)
Fanta Raspberry (N. Guinea)
Fanta FruitPunch (Ctrl.Am.)
Fanta Grapefruit (Germany)
Beverly (Italy Bitter Aperitif)
Kinley (Israel)
Kin Cider (Korea)
Krest (Mozambique)
Lilt (Great Britain)
Lychee Mello (Thailand)
Lift (Mexico)
Mezzo Mix (Germany)
Mone (Japan)
Stoney (South Africa)
Tai (Brazil)
VegitaBeta (Japan)
Watermelon (China)

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Have A Bitter Aperitif And A Smile
Nov 30 - Everyone knows that the real reason anyone goes on a tour of a factory is the possibility of getting a free sample at the end. It's true. We're all willing to put on the headphones and wade through a two-hour presentation on the history of corn (or cheese, or Hamburger Helper) if there's the smallest chance that we'll get a nibble at the end.

It worked at the Budweiser Factory. It worked at the Ben & Jerry's Factory. Oddly enough, it didn't work at the SPAM Museum. But that was a museum, not a factory.

So you can understand that we expected to have a drink or two of Coke while we toured the Coca-Cola Pavillion in Atlanta.

And we did. Yup. We sure did.

You see, the good people at Coca-Cola never go half-way on anything. If you want samples, you're gonna get samples. And you're not just gonna get Coke, 'cause that's not all they make. No Sir-ee. You're gonna get Coca-Cola products from around the globe. And if you're like us, you're gonna want to sample them all.

All 46 of them. Kev didn't make it after 12. Aimee felt the pressure to make it for both of them. She did all 46 and had to sit down for a good long time after that. She also didn't want to look at Coke for days afterwards.

Maybe there's a lesson to be learned from all of this: there's a fine line between providing a desired sample and making your fans puke.

The Birth of Coke, Part I
By the mid-1880s, pharmacist John Styth Pemberton had a number of successful products to his credit--Globe Flower Cough Syrup, Indian Queen Hair Dye, and several tonics, including Extract of Styllinger, Gingerine, and French Wine Coca, a precursor of Coca-Cola. In 1886, working from his knowledge of botanical extracts, he devised the formula for Coca-Cola. While most tonics of the time had a dreadful, medicinal taste, Coca-Cola syrup, because its flavours were added to a water and sugar base, produced a delicious drink.

Dr. Pemberton believed from his first taste that this product was a winner. He immediately launched an impressive advertising effort, spending the considerable sum of $73.96 during the first year on banners and sampling coupons, while realizing only $50.00 from the sale of Coca-Cola syrup. In 1887, beset by poor health and financial reverses, he began selling his interest in Coca-Cola to other local pharmacists and businessmen. Dr. Pemberton died one year later.

The Birth of Coke, Part II
In 1889, Asa Candler began acquiring stock in the Coca-Cola Company. Frank Robinson, inventor of both the name and the logo, was probably the friend who arounsed his interest. Both believed in the commercial potential of Coca-Cola as a refreshing beverage. Each was gifted with an extremely keen sense of taste and smell, and one or the other personally tested each batch of syrup for many years.

Asa Candler had the business sense that Dr. Pemberton lacked. He acquired all of the Coca-Cola Company stock by the end of 1891 and immediately began his successful drive to expand the business through intelligent marketing. His innovative ideas sent the Coca-Cola Company skyrocketing to success. Mr. Candler had no model to follow as he set out to devise the first national sales and distribution system for a soft drink; he was creating an original.l

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you should visit Stone Mt just outside of Atlanta. They have camping and a really neat laser light show.
- Kyle, Jacksonville FL

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Fort Yargo State Park

Slept a lot better tonight thanks to the clear skies. It's getting colder though. The socks are becoming more and more crucial.

Cost: $14.00

Fort Yargo
Kevin:Raisins & Spice Oatmeal
Aimee:Apples & Cinnamon Oatmeal
Mike's Place
Downtown Atlanta
K's Order:Cajun Burger, Coke
A's Order:Bacon Bleu, Coffee
World of Coke
MLK Drive, Atlanta
Both:Lots and Lots of Coke
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Did you know?

Coca-Cola spends more money each year on marketing than the Canadian Government spends on its military.

Yes, it's TRUE!
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