day 136
winnipeg, manitoba

"I've never been this close to Regina." -a.
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Contest Corner:
Since we're on the subject of contests, we've done some digging and found there are a few that we've left dangling for some time now.

Not that you haven't answered them. We've received a great response for nearly every contest! (It would have read "any contest" if it weren't for that blasted Skyline quiz. You're lucky Scott came along when he did).

And so, we present to you now... The Winners!
Name That Skyline
As seen on Day 95
Winner: Scott Warren

Finally! Someone took the time to stare at nine lousy pictures and take an educated guess at the answer! Scott (above) informed us that he took a solid half hour looking up skylines on the web... and good thing he did! He won!

The Answer: 1F, 2G, 3E, 4D, 5C, 6A, 7I, 8H, 9B
McReal or McFake?
As seen on Day 112
Winner: Dan Nawrocki

When a winner is nowhere to be found, we take the next best thing. Danny (above) came the closest when asked to pick the real McDonald's geographical specialty dishes from the garbage we made up. He knows his McStuff!

The Real McCoy:
Cuban Sandwich
Kentucky Brown
Chili Cheese McDouble
Ranchero Bagel Meal
McLobster Rolls
The Dark Side
As seen on Day 98

We asked why one side of this road was darker than the other, and we had no takers. Everyone was probably busy trying to solve the skyline contest.

The Answer: The right side of the road is going up a very steep mountain, causing your engine to work harder and spit goo all over the road. The left side is downhill traffic, which is perfect for coasting.
What is it?
As seen on Day 57

The Answer? It's on
Day 200!

Yahtzee It Ain't
Jan 9 - Kevin and Aimee are on a roadtrip across the United States. In the car with them they have chosen to take 50 CDs to listen to when conversation is lacking. These 50 CDs are placed on a stack.

After they listen to a CD, it is placed on the bottom of the stack, and a new CD is chosen at random from the top 30 CDs on the stack. The random CD is chosen in the following manner:

On the first turn, a 6-sided die is rolled. The roll of this die determines how many dice will be rolled on the second turn to choose the next CD. On the second turn, the dice are rolled, the total is calculated, and that total is the number of the next CD. Since there are only 5 dice, if a 6 is rolled on the first roll, the die is rolled again.

The result is a randomly generated number between 1 (first roll=1, second roll=1) and 30 (first roll=5, second roll=6+6+6+6+6).

For example, suppose the first roll results in a 3. On the second turn, 3 dice are rolled with the outcome 6, 2, and 5. The total is 13 (6+2+5), so CD number 13 is the next in the player. When it is finished, it is placed on the bottom of the stack (number 50) and the rest of the CDs (up to 14) are bumped up one space.

The following is a series of finite math and statistical questions formulated to test your knowledge of probability and to take up time as we get back into North Dakota.
Easy: (5 points each)

1. What is the probability that 4 dice will be rolled on the second turn?
1/6       4/6       4/36       1/5       1/36

2. If the first roll is a 2, what is the probability that the CD chosen will be number 8?
5/36       8/36       5/12       8/12       12/36

3. If three dice are being rolled, and the first and second are both 6's, what is the probability that the CD will end up being number 18?
1/216       1/36       1/18       1/6       0

4. What is the probability that the 1st CD will be chosen?
1/38880     1/50     1/30     30/50     30/7776

5. What is the probability that the 30th CD will be chosen?
1/38880     1/50     1/30     30/50     30/7776

Hard: (10 points each)

6. If the first roll is a 3, what is the probability that the CD chosen will be number 11?
11/36     27/216     31/216     104/1296

7. If the first roll is a 4, what is the probability that the CD chosen will be number 11?
11/36     27/216     31/216     104/1296

8. What is the probability that the 24th CD will be chosen?
24/30     211/7776     115/1296     211/38880

9. What is the probability that the 21st CD will be chosen?
660/38880   666/38880   660/46656   666/46656

10. Which CD between 1 and 30 has the best chance of being chosen?
4     5     6     8     12     15     16

Bonus (25 points): What is the probability of the answer to #10 being chosen?

If you think you are finished...
Enter your Name:
Enter your Email:

(Yeah, we know. You hate math. What do you say we sweeten the deal with a prize for anyone who scores over 60 points? And to anyone who gets perfect, start rubbing your hands with glee, because the prize is sweeter than ever.)

Find out who won on Day 177!

Find out the answers here!

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Sleeping Quarters
Lake Metigoshe State Forest

Our first night in the new tent! The sides don't flap in the wind like our old one does and we've got a few more cubic feet on the inside. We tried out the new tent heater but shut it off for fear of toxic fumes. Turns out we should have left it on, because the prairie wind was acting up.

Cost: $9.00

Steve's Place
K's Order:Coffee
A's Order:Coffee
K's Order:Chicken Monterey
A's Order:Chicken Monterey
Lake Metigoshe
K's Order:Leftover Chicken Monterey
A's Order:Leftover Chicken Monterey

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Las Vegas
They lucked out in the city of lights by seeing both Cirque de Soliel and The Lord of the Dance. Well, they lucked out with Cirque, anyway.
We were entertained
by the great Tom Jones
when we visited.

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